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Who Needs Electricity?

Welp.  The power is stilllllllllllllllll out at school.  Still.  And I’d like to say that made my day a bit nicer (you know, no fluorescent lights glaring down on you or the sweet coolness of an air conditioner or even the modern day thingamajig called the Internet) … but… after using a flashlight to help me find the john and sweating through my clothes twice, I am not really up for working in the dark another day.  And yet, because of my huge pay increase (by increase I mean freeze), I will.  I will also host my students in a super new Back to School night in the parking lot…who needs desks anyway?  Overrated.

By the end of the day, however, we finally got the room looking like an actual classroom.

classroom 2



As you can see, there is still a TON to do… but it’s getting there.  As soon as I get my new awesome sign language rug in the mail it will be nearly complete (yes… I am excited about a rug with sign language on it….it’s the little things).

Besides making my classroom look more like  a classroom, I didn’t do much.  Lunch with the girls was a nice little distraction in an air conditioned building, and on the way back, this happened:


Sooo do you think this guy is from Texas?  Maybe overcompensating for something else?  And I thought I loved Kentucky… looks like I was just slapped in the face with this guy.

When I got home I talked myself into going to the gym so I still have an ‘off day’ to look forward to this week… and my legs felt like lead balls.  Seriously.  It was like I could barely move them without using every ounce of my energy.  And, I forgot to wear a BICBand, which hardly ever happens, and besides my hair falling in my face every five seconds, you could totally see my dirty brown hat of hair even better.  Nothing to distract from the insane amounts of sweat that happened.

I’m finally going to shower off the three layers of sweat that happened today and catch up on all the Bravo I had to miss while working (might even be a good time to catch up on the terrible Dallas show after the truck today…).


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Back to School

Well, it seems as though summer is officially over for this girl.  I have to go back to work today.  Now, I’m not complaining about actually having to work, because I know most people do it all year round… but… I’m going to work today in the dark.  My school has no power.  Nothing around my school has power.  So this means I’m going to be sitting in my hot, dark classroom rearranging furniture for 8 hours.  Or napping on my carpet.  All I have to say is the toilets better be flushable…

Last night I had a bit of this deliciousness.

carrot cake yum

Celebrating birthdays is so great.  What a great excuse for a piece (or four) of cake. 

Right now I am delaying getting ready by drinking coffee and icing my ankle and knee.  I am SO sore from my run yesterday.  Who knew running 15 miles would keep one from sleeping comfortably?  

I guess it’s time to load up on Excedrin and caffeine… back to school I go.

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Count em… 15

15 miles.   Done. Done. Done. Done.  And it only took one minute more than my 14 miles last week… so, that tells you how awesome  that run was. 

I ran 11 outside and 4 at the gym (because I needed to fill my water bottle and go to the little girls room).  It was gorgeous this morning and I decided to take advantage of my day off…. by running 15 miles.  I felt really good the first 8 miles and my knee and ankle weren’t bothering me much (let’s just say I didn’t feel the need to cut off either of my legs today), so I ran outside a bit more and took a GU gel at 9.5.  Hello snack!  Blueberry pomegranate you might be my new favorite flavor.  Is it sad that I put off eating those just so I can have something to look forward to during the run?


By the time I got home I was so thirsty that I literally came in, walked to the fridge, made chocolate milk and chugged it within one minute of opening the door.  And then the sweat dripped into my eyes and burnt them like water from H-E- double hockey sticks.  I mean… sweat is the new waterboarding.  Holy crap it hurt…and it makes me want to run with those enormous sweat bands from Nike that I wore in 7th grade basketball (Obvi- cool. With the Adidas 3 stripe coat.)

So… it’s done.  My long run for the week is finished.  So is my laundry.  And my book. 

And it’s a beautiful, sunny, not too humid day here, but unfortunately my pool is closed due to power outages.  As is my school.  As is my favorite restaurant (Joe’s Inn I love your feta).  So, looks like the afternoon will be spent on the couch, in my bed, or on the couch with this sweetie pie.


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Breaking the Barrier



Um… flashback happening.

Sometimes one eats too many veggies.  There are disadvantages for sure.  And don’t pretend you’ve never done this.


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Ghetto Ice Pack

Thank you, Hurricane Irene, for the extra two days of summer vacation.  I’m very overworked during the school year so any time off is much appreciated- even if it is before school even starts.  Love it.

This morning’s workout was a bit tough because my ankle is still sore from falling/ tripping yesterday, so I did a slow 5 miles and 20 minutes on the bike… plus I lifted arms (which I never do because I’m weak as shit)…watch out Madonna, you ain’t seen guns till you’ve seen mine.  When I got home from the gym I needed an ice pack, but all I had was this bag of frozen rice.

ice pack

Frozen rice is ideal- form fitting and cold.  Perfect. 

This afternoon after spending a few hours pretending to clean my apartment, I went to have a  nice little happy hour with work friends to celebrate our  free day off, where we found out that we have yet another day off of work!  Sorry, kids, can’t go to school today… it’s Irene’s fault.


Needless to say, it’s going to be extra hard to go back to work when the time comes.  I’m really getting used my leisurely days of relaxing, afternoon beers, and easy workouts.  On the upside, I got to go back to one of my favorite bars where I’m determined to become a regular, although if the b-wordy waitress I had today is working… that may not happen. 

Does anyone know what the  muscle is on the back inside of your knee is called and how to make it stop popping?  Is that an important pop (like MCL, ACL and all of those CLs)?  I need help.  It hurts.

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Thank You, Timmy

Dear Timmy (and all of the wonderful minions who had part in this decision),

          THANK YOU for one more day of summer vacation.  My tan is fading and I need to touch it up before school pictures in a couple of weeks.  Also, I plan on doing something like this tonight-


and I’d rather experience a hangover at home, than at work.  Finally, I still have some things that need to be crossed off my last week of summer list, like becoming a regular and finishing my book.  So, in conclusion, I really appreciate this.

Yours Truly,


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Calm after the storm

I want to admit I was somewhat wrong in my cynical letter to Dominion.  Randomly, I was only one of the lucky few who got power back last night… and after going outside this morning and seeing trees down everywhere, I realized it wasn’t just rain.  Although, when the power actually went out, it JUST had been raining.  So, I think that could have been handled a bit better.

Last night I spent the evening on the couch watching some classic DVR’d shows… Hell’s Kitchen (“It’s raw! You dumb cow!”), Teen Mom (Um no Amber you definitely are not a crazy person…), and Modern Family (I love Phil Dunphy).  So, it was a jam packed night, obviously.

elise carrie


All in all, a good day of mindless activity. 

Today I woke up feeling pretty sore.  I slipped in an invisible puddle of water and pulled the muscle in the back of my knee yesterday.  Now, I can hear the tendon popping when I move it.  I’m guessing that is probably not the way it’s supposed to be.  Then on my way to the gym this morning, I tripped (of course) over a huge tree branch (one that most people would notice, but I sadly did not), twisted my ankle and fell flat on my ass.  And then I cried.  It’s a little swollen now (that’s what she said), and my 30 minutes of riding the stationary bike burnt about 23 calories… so, I guess you could say I didn’t workout enough to burn  the calories of two stalks of celery.

It’s my last hurrah before school starts tomorrow, although if they power doesn’t come back on soon, I may be granted just one more day of sweet, sweet freedom.  I like you enough for the paycheck, work, but if I can get a free day off, I’ll take it.  So, cross your fingers…

school cartoon

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