First Post!!!

As this is my first post, I feel like it needs to be really good so people will actually like me and read my blog.  However, since I am not particularly funny and since my life isn’t particularly interesting… this is going to be rough.

I am a 28 year old living in Virginia in a super cool tiny apartment with my cat, Derby, who hates me right now because I won’t feed her again (she’s a bit overweight at 15+ pounds).  I am a teacher and am getting ready to start my 7th year.  This school year I will be team teaching with one of my good friends, who is hilarious, but who I also found out last night is Type A when it comes to decorating the room.  I am not Type A.  So this could be interesting…  but exciting.  We have one student who only talks in animal (this is third grade, btw), so that should provide us with some good stories.

I moved to Virginia three years ago after living in Indiana after college for three years.  After a breakup with my college boyfriend, I came to visit my bestie and then decided to move here…if I found a job.  So I got a job teaching reading, packed my shit in a U-Haul, and begged my dad to drive all of my stuff halfway across the country.  Because he loves me and because he’s awesome, he did.  And I love it here.  More on that later, I’m sure.

I started running a little in high school at the gym when I wanted to get a t-shirt for a 100 mile club.  I didn’t ever get it.  I also played softball all though high school, but as you might know, it’s not the most active sport and doesn’t involve a ton of running.  When I went to college, I used to run with my friend Robin.  Typically, we’d run the mile to the tanning bed (no judgment…it was a long time ago), and a mile back.  Sometimes we went all out and ran 3 miles.  Those were big days.  I laugh because I thought working out twice a week would keep my beer belly at bay, but…. I know it may not look bad, but in the real picture it's pretty embarassing.

No one told me to stop wearing belly shirts.  So I did.  Often. 

Anywhoo… After college I actually starting working out and signed up for my first half marathon with Robin.  At mile 7 I thought I was dying, but picked it up and finally finished in a little over 2 hours.

Robin and I

Since then I’ve run in a few other half marathons and some 10k’s,  and have learned a little bit more about running for real (like, wearing the right shoes, running more than once a week/ month) but I wanted to challenge myself a bit more (or just see how crazy I really am), and signed up for my first marathon.  So, that’s where I’m at now… starting week 7 of an 18 week plan.  There’s a long way to go…


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One response to “First Post!!!

  1. Dru

    i am so excited about this blog. top reasons:
    1. you used Buzz’s numbering system from Home Alone- A, 2, D
    2. I (your bestie) am mentioned in a post
    3. you zoomed in on a picture of your college beer belly
    4. This really takes some of the heat off

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