Training Plan

So, I mentioned that I’m training for my first marathon (in November), and the training plan I am using and tweaking is Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Plan 1.  I chose this plan for a few reasons:

A) I’m not a novice runner and typically I’d have one longer run each week (although, longer runs were 6-8 miles, not 20…), and I like that there’s no speed work in this plan.  Honestly, I’m not going for speed… I’m going for finishing.  All I want to do is be able to “run” across the finish line alive. 

2) I’m comfortable running 5 days a week, although I know some people don’t have the time or would rather do other things to workout.  I loathe the elliptical because for some reason my feet fall asleep when I’m on it too long. That’s probably not good…

D). I liked that there are some shorter runs each week and I can alter when I do them to suit my schedule, which will be changing drastically a week from today.  


Currently I’m running my long runs on Friday mornings, which is awesome because there aren’t a zillion other runners out passing me and making me feel slow.  One thing I didn’t do is sign up for a Sports Backers Training Team because I really do like running alone (and also like being able to take breaks and walk when I feel like it…and not getting judged).  I hear Sports Backers is awesome and super motivational, but I kind of like being able to run when I feel like running and not at a specific time each week. I’m a bit nervous about my longer runs coming up (14 and 15 the next two weeks) and am scared I will not be able to complete them while running alone. 


Since I start working next week, I’ll have to adapt the schedule and change long run days, but I like that the plan isn’t strict and can be altered.  I’m not an expert but am listening to my body and, fingers crossed- so far, so good!


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