They’re Back…

This morning began with an easy 7 mile run in mid 60 weather… so awesome.  I seriously cannot wait until it’s really fall here in Virginia, and the humidity crawls back under a rock where it belongs.   It’s been a pretty miserable summer with the heat and humidity, and has kept me running indoors more than I prefer.

Speaking of fall, it’s the time of year again when the college students come back and the city turns into “Where All the Weird Kids Go”.  As I was coming home from the gym this past weekend (also move in weekend for the hipsters/ wannabe hipsters/ starving artists who are really students whose parents pay for everything), I saw two things that were somewhat… strange.

1. Handcuffs around a tree

2. Kid with a unicycle

So, now we have that to look forward to.  And unfortunately, this is only the tip of the iceberg so to speak.  Oh, and the robberies have started already… masked gunmen wandering my neighborhood looking for kids to prey on…perfect.  That’s going to make me feel super safe when I try and run before work.  Thanks, Richmond.


Being the good, dedicated, and underpaid teacher that I am, I’m off to an afternoon training on my last Tuesday of freedom.  Now that’s commitment.


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