Summer is over.

I went to work today and spent most of the day with some of my favorite people at school cleaning/ straightening up this mess of a room:


Glad all my stuff was obviously taken care of throughout the summer.  And believe it or not, there wasn’t much progress with this trash pile…  Now, everything is just more spread around the room… 

Today was my off day from working out, which I needed after yesterday’s miserable “run”.  My legs are still pretty stiff, and I didn’t sleep too well because of it, so I’m thinking I need to start taking those ice baths everyone talks about after my long runs or stretch (because I don’t think lying on the ground moaning for 30 minutes counts as stretching).  I don’t know about you, but when I think about a bath I think hot water, bubbles, wine perhaps… I don’t think cold water, 10lb bag of ice, smoothie…



Does anyone know anything about ice baths and do they suck as much as I imagine?


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  1. Maggie

    I had to take them in college for injuries and yes they suck. As you would expect, the getting in part is the worse. That could be because your entire body goes numb for the remainder of the bath. Good luck:)

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