Holy Headache

Hello000 headache…. which isn’t surprising considering I consumed 1.5 bottles of wine last night.  I went to Charlottesville to spend some QT and have a mini vacation with one of my fave people…and we ended up drinking a shit ton of expensive wine. The headache was worth every sip. 

Needless to say,  I did not feel on top of the world when I woke up this morning but thankfully buffet breakfast with an egg white omelet and turkey sausage did the trick.  As did the ice cream snack at 11:30…


After a long walk through UVA’s campus and reminiscing about the carefree life of a college student, I finally started feeling like a human again.  We stopped by Great Harvest Bread Co for lunch and to try and meet Kath from Katheats.com (I know, I am becoming a huge blog loser already), but she wasn’t around.  The bread was amazing though and I bought a huge loaf of the Popeye bread (loaded with spinach, CHEESE, peppers and cayenne) to get me  through hurricane tomorrow… wine and bread that’s filled with cheese?  What more does a girl need?

On the drive home I did this…


and after stopping to get food for Derby (I’m pretty sure she’d kill me in my sleep if she ran out of food), I made it to the gym and got a decent (let’s be honest, it was terrible ) workout in with a 5 mile run and 20 minute bike ride… plus a few minutes of abs.  Looks like I worked off half of the wine I drank last night.  Winner!

Now to prepare for the hurricane (rain, but with a fancy name) which entails counting my bottles of vino.


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