Thanks Dominion

Dear Dominion Power,

You know it’s just raining in Richmond, right?  Which doesn’t explain why my power has been out for the last 6 hours… I mean, I know hurricane Irene has brought the wrath of 40mph winds… but come on.  Let’s be a little more prepared in the future.


Your loyal customer,


P.S. Please keep my power on for the rest of the storm.  I need TV.


If you watch the news at all or are not living under a rock, you know that Hurricane Irene is making her way up the east coast.  We really know how to do it here in Richmond…an earthquake and hurricane all within five days… it keeps life exciting.  At least there was hot water after my 7 miler at the gym this morning.  Because I smelled.  Bad.

And after my shower I had the perfect Saturday… books, candles, beers, and movies on the computer.

hugh grant pop

And there’s obvious dedication to the blog that I’ve had a WHOLE WEEK now, because this is the first thing I did after the power came back on.  After making a snack, of course. 

Time for more beers…After all, it is my last weekend before work starts again…


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