Breaking the Barrier



Um… flashback happening.

Sometimes one eats too many veggies.  There are disadvantages for sure.  And don’t pretend you’ve never done this.



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2 responses to “Breaking the Barrier

  1. Kara

    HA!!! I “Broke the Barrier” for Wes and me. Fortunately (for me), I was asleep! So he got to experience any awkward acknowledgments of the first fart all alone.

    Side note: I hear the new Fiber One Brownies are super tasty AND will allow you to recreate the “Cup of Cheese” moment from this video.

  2. Evie

    Yes leave those Fiber One bars/brownies alone….my Lord I had a Fiber One bar (oats and chocolate) when they first came out and then another because it tasted so good…had to shut my office door because I was farting so loud that they reverberated off my walls!

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