Count em… 15

15 miles.   Done. Done. Done. Done.  And it only took one minute more than my 14 miles last week… so, that tells you how awesome  that run was. 

I ran 11 outside and 4 at the gym (because I needed to fill my water bottle and go to the little girls room).  It was gorgeous this morning and I decided to take advantage of my day off…. by running 15 miles.  I felt really good the first 8 miles and my knee and ankle weren’t bothering me much (let’s just say I didn’t feel the need to cut off either of my legs today), so I ran outside a bit more and took a GU gel at 9.5.  Hello snack!  Blueberry pomegranate you might be my new favorite flavor.  Is it sad that I put off eating those just so I can have something to look forward to during the run?


By the time I got home I was so thirsty that I literally came in, walked to the fridge, made chocolate milk and chugged it within one minute of opening the door.  And then the sweat dripped into my eyes and burnt them like water from H-E- double hockey sticks.  I mean… sweat is the new waterboarding.  Holy crap it hurt…and it makes me want to run with those enormous sweat bands from Nike that I wore in 7th grade basketball (Obvi- cool. With the Adidas 3 stripe coat.)

So… it’s done.  My long run for the week is finished.  So is my laundry.  And my book. 

And it’s a beautiful, sunny, not too humid day here, but unfortunately my pool is closed due to power outages.  As is my school.  As is my favorite restaurant (Joe’s Inn I love your feta).  So, looks like the afternoon will be spent on the couch, in my bed, or on the couch with this sweetie pie.



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