Back to School

Well, it seems as though summer is officially over for this girl.  I have to go back to work today.  Now, I’m not complaining about actually having to work, because I know most people do it all year round… but… I’m going to work today in the dark.  My school has no power.  Nothing around my school has power.  So this means I’m going to be sitting in my hot, dark classroom rearranging furniture for 8 hours.  Or napping on my carpet.  All I have to say is the toilets better be flushable…

Last night I had a bit of this deliciousness.

carrot cake yum

Celebrating birthdays is so great.  What a great excuse for a piece (or four) of cake. 

Right now I am delaying getting ready by drinking coffee and icing my ankle and knee.  I am SO sore from my run yesterday.  Who knew running 15 miles would keep one from sleeping comfortably?  

I guess it’s time to load up on Excedrin and caffeine… back to school I go.


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