Who Needs Electricity?

Welp.  The power is stilllllllllllllllll out at school.  Still.  And I’d like to say that made my day a bit nicer (you know, no fluorescent lights glaring down on you or the sweet coolness of an air conditioner or even the modern day thingamajig called the Internet) … but… after using a flashlight to help me find the john and sweating through my clothes twice, I am not really up for working in the dark another day.  And yet, because of my huge pay increase (by increase I mean freeze), I will.  I will also host my students in a super new Back to School night in the parking lot…who needs desks anyway?  Overrated.

By the end of the day, however, we finally got the room looking like an actual classroom.

classroom 2



As you can see, there is still a TON to do… but it’s getting there.  As soon as I get my new awesome sign language rug in the mail it will be nearly complete (yes… I am excited about a rug with sign language on it….it’s the little things).

Besides making my classroom look more like  a classroom, I didn’t do much.  Lunch with the girls was a nice little distraction in an air conditioned building, and on the way back, this happened:


Sooo do you think this guy is from Texas?  Maybe overcompensating for something else?  And I thought I loved Kentucky… looks like I was just slapped in the face with this guy.

When I got home I talked myself into going to the gym so I still have an ‘off day’ to look forward to this week… and my legs felt like lead balls.  Seriously.  It was like I could barely move them without using every ounce of my energy.  And, I forgot to wear a BICBand, which hardly ever happens, and besides my hair falling in my face every five seconds, you could totally see my dirty brown hat of hair even better.  Nothing to distract from the insane amounts of sweat that happened.

I’m finally going to shower off the three layers of sweat that happened today and catch up on all the Bravo I had to miss while working (might even be a good time to catch up on the terrible Dallas show after the truck today…).


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