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It’s a Day for Birthdays

Happy Birthday to some of my favorite people!!!!!!

1. My brother, Kevin, is 25 today. Holla! Quarter of a century… you made it. Officially Mid- 20’s! You are the smartest almost- CPA I know, and I love you. And I’m pretty sure you still haven’t become a follower of RDK. Lame.


That picture is at our Kentucky Derby party… obvi Kevy has his derby hat on.

2. My oldest (old as in longest, not as in elderly) friend, Kara is 29 today!!! Yay! Kara you are the most honest tax collector I know, and I love you, and I miss you a ton! And Kara is also my smartest friend because she was the very FIRST official follower of RDK.


This picture is from the amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing MOH speech I gave at Kara’s wedding. Obviously, it provoked a great reaction out of the bride. I expect to receive something just as great, or nearly as great, at my wedding.

3. My Uncle Dunc, who is no longer with us, but whose name was Dunc Hynes (you know, like the ketchup). Except that wasn’t really his name, and I had no idea until his funeral that his real name was Edward. And you think you know someone. Uncle Dunc made the best mashed potatoes ever, and also encouraged my underage drinking habit at family Christmas parties. xoxo


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Taking the Day Off

I’m supposed to run today.

I’m not.

new shoes

I’m missing my first day of training since I started this whole crazy adventure 11ish weeks ago.   (That is, unless I go run tomorrow.  Which may or may not happen.)  I still don’t feel great, and instead of having a semi-crappy run, I’d rather just try and get better so I feel good for my long run Saturday—3 miles to the race start and a 10 mile race (Capitol 10 Miler).

So, instead of running, I’m resting… and if I get a run in tomorrow before Saturday, then great… if not, then I’m not going to get upset and down on myself.  It’s one day (out of 72 workouts so far) that I’m missing.  Not too shabby.

Now, if I can only get those kiddos to stop spreading their germs, I’d be golden.

I went to look at some houses today (eeeeeeeeeeeeek!) and found one I loved.  And then I was reminded of how poor I am.


So, if you have any extra cash lying around and need a charity to send it to, I’m accepting donations.  I promise I’ll put it in the house fund.

Something I did spend money on yesterday (other than peanut butter and running gear), were some new cute Kate Spade sunglasses off of


This is the first pair of sunglasses I’ve bought that have been over $10.00… here’s to hoping I can be a grown-up and not break them in a day.  Or lose them.  Or sit on them.

Maybe I should rethink my spending habits if I want that house… hmm… there’s a novel idea.

In other news, the kids were great today- no inkling of tantrums, no throwing chairs, and although they’re a low little bunch, I’m going to enjoy this year much more than last. 

Tomorrow, I’m getting my hair cut!!!! And getting my brown hat taken care of!!!! Hey blonde… I’ve missed you.  

Also, check back to RDK for an exciting announcement in the next day or two!

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Three (Random) Things Thursday 2

1.  Demi and Ashton are having marital problems.


Is anyone really surprised?  Really?

2..  A high school football coach was so pissed off that his team lost that he made the bus stop at a cemetery and get down on top the graves. 

football cartoon

Motivation at its finest.

3.  Naomi Campbell, who is such a winner and such an elegant woman, just received a new house for her birthday (makes the blender I got seem pretty lame).  It’s shaped like an eyeball.


Um… yeah.



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Sniffy Kids… Sick Teacher

I’m experiencing my first (of many, I’m sure) cold of the school year.  I am stuffy.  I am sniffy.  I am lethargic.  And all I want to do is… nothing.

This does not make for good running or working out… in fact, it was downright painful today, hacking up a lung and trying to keep my pace… I pulled out another 5 mile run (I seriously love this week’s easier schedule) and walked a mile, just because it was nice outside.   I think the Tylenol PM from last night was still in my system… so I felt like I was going super slow and I thought I’d never finish. 

tylenol PM

But I did.. and blew many a snot rocket (hello, gross)… and am hoping that an early bedtime will help energize me for tomorrow. 

For dinner, I was craving something light (maybe it’s because I ate THREE O’Charley’s rolls at lunch today…heaven in a roll) and made delicious homemade chicken noodle soup.  Thanks, pbfingers for all the recipes!

chicken noodle

(Can you find the hungry kitty?)

In AWESOME racing news… my partner in crime and I stumbled upon this little website yesterday…  It’s a five race (half marathon) series in different areas of the country- and all of the races are through vineyards (helloooooooooooooooooooooooooo, yes please).  Need I say more??

wine country

So, luckily, Virginia is part of this series… (all the best wines come from here, right?), so of course we are signing up (a free t-shirt PLUS free wine tastings to all the vineyards and wine fest… it keeps getting better and better).   It’s not until June, but it’d be nice to have something to look forward to….and an excuse for a three day weekend. 

It’s our goal to run all five of these in the next year and a half (I’m making it our goal… right now).  First, Virginia.. then, Napa…and we’ll go from there.  Doesn’t sound too shabby.  Has anyone ran any race in this series?  Can I request wine at the water stations?  Would you judge if you were a volunteer?



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Rainy Tuesday

Today I had this staring me in the face during the drive to work. 

bird poop

Every time I turned my head to the left, it was right there.   So gross.  Thankfully, it’s raining right now so I’m hoping by tomorrow it will be gone.

In school news (if you care) we’ve been reading the kids different versions of the story Stone Soup….so in culmination we decided to have the kids bring in different vegetables to make our own stone soup (complete with a stone and all… at least, that’s what I told them.  Suckers.).  We got tons of stuff- tomatoes, corn, carrots, potatoes, onions, celery, cabbage, and broth.   This morning I cut the veggies up and threw them in the crock pots…

stone soup 1

…and by 3:00 we had a delicious stone soup.

stone soup 2

The kids were amazed at how good the soup was- and all it was was VEGETABLES.  Shocking.  Perhaps this will teach them that eating vegetables can be a good thing?

I added a little seasoning for flavor, and it was great…. so great, that we saved the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  Of course then, I’m adding some cheese and crackers…

My workout today was easier than yesterday’s terrible bug in the eye run.  I did 5 miles at an 8:30 pace and then 20 minutes on the bike.  My concrete legs felt like wooden legs today, so that was a huge improvement.  I’m hoping that tomorrow they’ll feel like normal human legs again.

Oh, and I was out of socks today, so I wore these huge Nike ones I found (that could possibly be my brother’s from a reeeeeeeeally long time ago)…


So I felt like a winner at the gym for sure. 

And I just want to thank the inventor of the DVR machine that Comcast gave me…. I’ve got a lot to catch up on and I hate commercials.  You are wonderful.

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Bug in the Eye

Today’s 5 mile run was supposed to be ‘easy.’  It was not that easy. 

I thought I felt great today- my legs were not sore, my toenail never fell off- but one block in, it felt like I was lugging concrete slabs with every step I took.  It didn’t help that I needed to stop for a quick “break” at McDonalds.  Or that I got a tiny gnat decided to make it’s new home in my eyeball a half a mile from home… because that was fun for no one, especially me. 

But I finished, stretched, and feel so much better now.  Hopefully tomorrow’s ‘easy’ run will be just that.  Easy.

easy button

Today was just another Monday…. if you think it’s normal for your students to be teaching you bad things in their native language.. and you yell that bad thing at them, thinking it’s not bad.

Because today I learned to say “be quiet”/ “stop talking” in Spanish.  But later, after saying it over and over, I found it was really the English equivalent of  “shut the H up”.  Thanks, kids, for the tip and language lesson.

Apparently I’m a…

bad teacher

…just like slutty Cameron Diaz in the movie.  Awesome. 

So, I’ve become more assertive lately, and I’m really starting to like this new person that says what she wants.

Today, I got an insurance company to drop their ridiculous bill after me dropping them for car insurance.   What’s up, Erie Insurance, don’t mess with me.

Also today, I got this little surprise in the mail….


I seriously LOVE Flying Squirrel Peanut Butter…. now called Wild Squirrel Nut Butter.  Not only am I obsessed with Pretzel Pizazz (obvi… if you can’t tell that from the picture above you’re an idiot), but when I got my package, I got a jar of Curious Coconut instead of the Chocolate Chipmunk (now discontinued), but unfortunately, I don’t like anything coconut.   And, it was partly open, so it was all over the packing, other jars and part empty.


So I nicely (I think) emailed them asking for a refund on the coconut (since it’s not going to be eaten) or another jar of pizazz (I’m a lush, let’s be honest), and just told them about the mishap on the packaging.  In response, they’re giving me a refund on the peanut butter and sending me more this week! HOLY MOTHER OF BABY CHEESES.  And, they emailed me back right away…. such awesome customer service (not to mention peanut butter)… so you should definitely ORDER from them.  Immediately.

Thanks, Keeley and Erika!  One of those pizazz jars is half empty already. 

In top 5 assertive/ be successful at telling someone what you what, I think today’s a success.

Go me.

And finally, I got to watch Bridesmaids again.  And I nearly peed my pants.  Again.  So freaking funny.

kristin wiig

Every time I see this movie I want to get my hair cut.  But I’m too much of a chicken.  And I don’t have personal stylists to do my hair everyday. Shoot.

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Sore Sunday

I’ve got sore legs. 

Yesterday, I literally did not move from the couch all day, except to go to the grocery for 2.5 minutes.  I napped and watched TV allllllllllllll day long… and it was awesome… and I did not feel guilty for one second.  I also didn’t feel guilty for eating all the pizza and drinking all the wine and going to bed early.  Call me a loser, and I’ll say thank you.

My body was just SO tired from my run….and the gray day didn’t help give me energy. 


This morning I woke up refreshed and feeling pretty good… until I tried to move my legs.  Those suckers are sore.  Seriously. 

But I figured I’d better get them moving so I dragged my butt to the gym and ran 2 miles, did 35 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the bike.  I also “lifted” my arms and did abs today, and my legs felt so much better after getting a workout in.

I’m still sore and have been stretching constantly, but I don’t feel as bad as I thought I would.

I’ve also been ravenous.  I have been eating EVERYTHING in sight the last day and a half, and I’m still hungry.  Pizza, oatmeal, granola, salad, muffins, ice cream, smoothie, eggs, yogurt, fruit… You name it, I’ve had it in the last 36 hours.  Is that normal??

I made these beauties

pumpkin oatmeal muffins

There’s not many left.  They are delicious. 

I went on a baking spree and made these baked oatmeal granola bars too.  So good.

baked oatmeal granola

No judgment for all the picking I’ve done.  They’re awesome.  I added chocolate chips just to make them slightly unhealthy.  Of course.

The sun is finally shining in Richmond… so maybe it’s time for some beers outside.  Yeah…. that’s a good idea…. perfect Sunday afternoon!

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