Long Day.

Three important things today.

First, it was a long day.  Long and exhausting.  And I’m not sure I can do anything more tonight but sit on the couch and watch TV.   Seriously, working all day is the pits.  I completely forgot how hard it is to get back into the routine of work. 

I woke up this morning totally intending on doing a 7 mile run, but when I rolled out of bed, my foot was killing me.  I think it’s from tripping over the branch on Sunday (five whole days ago…damn branch).  So, I didn’t.  After working all day plus Meet Your Teacher Night, I was tired… but I forced myself to go out for a run and if after a mile I wasn’t feeling it, I could come home.  I ended up doing 6… not the 7 I had wanted to get through, but better and slightly more healthy than eating Cap’n Crunch on the couch. 



Or was it?  Tough to tell right?  The excellent news is I don’t have to get up tomorrow morning before school to do it, so it’s a win in my book.

Second, one of the news outlets here is running a “Last Richmonder Without Power” contest.  The last person gets things like groceries, a generator, Visa gift cards, and even from Hormel Foods some ultimate staples of no electricity living – a case of Spam (12 cans) and a case of Hormel Chili with beans (12 cans).  Yes, Richmond, next time a hurricane or earthquake hits, you’ll be set for lunch and dinner for at least 6 days. 


Sorry about the picture quality on this one.  It’s difficulty to find clear, unblemished pictures of Spam believe it or not.

Finally, has anyone heard about this new body scanner at the airports, specifically the one here in town?  Instead of having a detailed picture of the human body on the body scanner when you step in the machine and worry about the men seeing your undies and lady parts (or, lifesavers that just happened to be in your pocket…), this is the image that is now shown. 

body scanner generic

That’s gotta be a good feeling if you’re this guy.



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