Too Early, Derby.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning, thanks to this little B.

Derby 2

Shocking, she was hungry.  Apparently 5:10 a.m. is yet still too late for breakfast.  Even though it’s still dark outside.  Even though I bought this little contraption to solve this problem.


Wrong.  Although it’s been two years since I’ve lifted a pretty finger to feed my overweight, food obsessed, always hungry cat, she still doesn’t get it.  I thought it’d be like Pavlov and the dogs.  I was naïve enough to believe that  eventually Derby would understand that mommy does nothing to feed her and her new best friend, Petmate, had everything to do with mealtime.  Her pea sized brain still doesn’t understand, and I am still sleep deprived. 

And just an FYI for you overweight pet owners… Science Diet LIGHT might seem like it may help your pet lose weight (it’s half the calories for the same amount of food), and you might think that spending $30 for a 7lb bag of food might be worth it for a year, but when your pet gains 3oz in that year, you realize you’ve been suckered.  And Purina works fine.  And it’s $25 less per bag. 

Anyway.  Today was yet another long day at work… but at least we got cake. 

Image Detailcaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake

And I saw this on the way home. 


I love living in Virginia, where personalized license plates are only $10 extra.  People take this to mean they should most definitely put something ‘clever’ on their cars.  What it does for me is make me giggle each time I see one, then speed up to see what kind of d-bag is driving the car.  Unfortunately, this girl got it wrong.  From the window up, she didn’t look to be what I call ‘sxy’.  But, to each his own, right?  It’s also super easy for creepsters like me to think, “Oh hey! I’ve seen them before! Oooohhhhh yeah…not so much sxygrl.”  Also, do you think anyone has 2SXYGRL?  I mean, you check and see if #1 is taken…do you decide that yes, you are the #2SXYGRL?

Off to celebrate my weekend with corona, queso, chips, queso, salsa, queso… see a pattern here?


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