Another Summer Gone…

This weekend was one for binging.  Luckily, I had three decent workouts in the last three days and officially started week 9 of marathon training.  Also luckily, I had just about every type of alcohol to celebrate my last weekend off from working before another crazy school year begins. 



Roz, a college friend, came to visit the bestie and I this weekend, and it was your typical  “friends getting together to eat, drink and be merry” weekend.  We hit up at least ten  food and drink establishments in the 48 hours she was in Richmond.  It was a blast, but my liver is a bit sleepy today and is ready to detox. 

We spent a lot of time reminiscing about beer bellies, awkward fashion, and hilarious events of our college years.  I found this little gem that I wish I could keep on my desk at work, but not surprisingly, it’s looked down upon.

go to hell

I can totally use this for some people at work.  You might not be surprised that working with 99% women can get a little dicey at times…

Finally, can someone explain to me how girls can wear jeans that look and fit like this?


Can’t you feel the wind blowing through your cheeks?  It seems like it’d be super uncomfortable… but, what do I know?  I used to only wear belly shirts.

I’m off to run some last minute errands before devoting my life to getting 20 students to pass 4 SOL’s for the next year of my life.


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