179 to go…

First day of school is complete! 




We had a great first day in room 107, and “bloody mary” and “beer” were only mentioned a few times in casual student conversation… so, overall, productive day.  We did get a list of class rules, which included-

  • No punching the teacher.
  • No kicking the teacher.
  • Don’t throw desks at the teacher.

Hmmm… apparently there was a problem with this last year.  Better get my game face on. 

I had completely forgot how tough it is to work a 10 hour day and then drag your ass to the gym after.  Seriously.  I got home today, saw leftover spaghetti in the fridge and a pretty comfy looking couch calling my name, and almost didn’t make it.  The only thing that got me off my butt and into gym clothes was the following picture that was stumbled upon this past weekend. I haven’t stopped thinking about how overweight I looked since I first saw it. 

belly shirt

I seriously had a GUT.  A miller lite/ Livingston’s GUT.  I like to think that maybe it was just the direction I was posing… buuuuuuuuuuuuut I don’t think so.  I guess 10+ lbs will do that to you.  I think I had my beer goggles on the entire 4 years of college… beer goggles that made me think I was a hot one.  Geez.

I must have had great self esteem. Thanks, Roz, for saving these… you must have known I’d need them as motivation 7 years later. 

So, I ran outside until it started to rain on me and finished my 7 mile run at the gym.  It felt great, surprisingly, and I contemplated doing my long 13 tonight…and then, I remembered I was hungry.  And my stomach won.  Again.  But at least I ran, right?


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