No more fishy.

Well, day 2 of the school year is over and two of my most exciting students are no show’s.  They moved.  And it makes me really sad I will not be able to talk about the animal noises/ actions/ all the awesome stuff I’ve been looking forward to all summer.  It also makes me a little bummed I won’t ever be able to experience a ‘flooding of the bathroom’ just because one desires to be a little fishy.  Dang. 

sad face

Since it’s the beginning of the school year, I’m starting to get parent contact information. And I laugh. And then I think, why is it that people still believe it’s acceptable to have strange email addresses? You’re a parent. Or a professional… or not.  Either way, you’re not the same 13 year old who made up that email 17 years ago.

Examples include-

Are adults not at all embarrassed to be writing these email address on contact forms? I would be. If I had to write on my child’s contact sheet, I’d be a bit… ashamed. And then I would immediately create a new email address before turning in the information sheet.  Or, I’d leave it blank.  Because believe me, teachers are just as creeped out by typing those weird email addresses as you should be writing them.

Anyway… today’s run was a difficult one.  Getting off the couch and running to the gym was tough.  And running and biking was really not something I wanted to be doing on a rainy great nap afternoon.  But I got ‘er done. 

Sorry today’s post is a bit lame and short… not in the mood to be funny or even semi- funny.  Thankfully, tomorrow is Thursday. I am already (2 days in) counting down to the weekend. 


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