Today was tough.  I took some Nyquil last night and woke up a little doozy.  Good news… Derby did NOT wake me up at 4:30 for breakfast.  Winner!  On the downside, I didn’t make it to the gym before work, but thankfully, today is technically my ‘off day’ from training so I don’t feel so bad about that.  It’s so nice to let your legs rest for a day… I seriously feel like a new person after taking a day off, so I might even try to run my 13 tomorrow after school instead of Saturday.  Am I crazy?  Perhaps.


So, I have had some people ask me about what/ how much I eat since I’m training for a marathon.  In all honesty, nothing much different than before.  Before training for the marathon, I was working out five days a week.  Now, I’m working out one more day a week, and that’s my long run.  So, usually on that extra day I’ll eat way more than normal because I’m burning so many calories on that day.  That’s also the day it’s okay for me to have beers out the wazoo and pasta covered in cheese.   My typical workouts are similar to the ones on the training plan, so I don’t do anything different those days with eating.  I’ve heard so many times—“You can eat whatever you want, you’re training for a marathon!”  But in reality, I’m just burning an extra 1300-2000 calories one day a week, which unfortunately doesn’t constitute as “eat whatever, whenever”.   Because if it did you can bet your ass I’d be ordering pizza at least 4 times a week.  So, I don’t eat pasta everyday, I don’t eat an excessive amount of cheese, and I still try and eat lots of fruits and veggies.  Boring, I know.  Sorry if you were expecting something more awesome.

In school news, today we talked about laws versus rules.  Obviously, typical laws were mentioned, like speeding and robbing stores.  Also mentioned were:

Don’t steal kids off the bus.

Don’t drink beer because you will turn mean and then you can’t have a driver’s license.

Don’t throw cigs (yes, cigs, not cigarettes), out the window if they’re still burning.

Also asked, “Is it littering if you throw something out the window of your car, but it goes over the highway, instead of next to the sign on the highway that says no littering?”  Um. Yes.  Still littering.

We also, again, discussed that rules at school include don’t hit the teacher or don’t kick the teacher.  So, that gives me hope.  At least they know they shouldn’t be hitting or kicking me. 


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