TGIF. Duh.

Thank goodness for Fridays.  Thank goodness for Fridays when you get to wear jeans.  For some reason, that makes it way easier to get up and get dressed for work. 

Finally, after three days of good intentions but no action, I made it to the gym this morning before school.  6 mi in 52 minutes isn’t my personal best, but good enough for me at 5:30am. 

The mile to the gym was a little scary because it was pitch black out…. but, seeing as there hasn’t been an armed robbery in the neighborhood for 4 weeks, I decided I was obviously safe.  And if anyone decided to mess with me they’d get mace in the face.  Or, I could work on speed work and see how fast I could actually run…

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Also, I didn’t google  ‘fan neighborhood at night’ until I got home where I got more than 10 hits on the safety of the fan neighborhood at night.   So, as they say… what you don’t know won’t kill you… or something like that.  Unfortunately I’m not sure they lived in a place where the homeless roam the streets with knives or where robberies of the 20-30 year old demographic sky rockets in the fall months from when the sun goes down until the sun comes up.   But whateves.  I made it home safe and sound.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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