Mom time

After my run, and fall, on Saturday morning, I drove up to D.C. to see my mom for a fun girls day, because I needed some mom time.

We started off with lunch, then a pedicure, where a poor, non English speaking woman had to deal with my callousy feet and mangled toenails.  I felt terrible, but then remembered she’s making $40 for touching my feet for 30 minutes… so, she wins.  And then she got me back by popping the blister that I specifically told her to stay away from.


It was such a beautiful day, so after running a few errands (which included a stop at a wine store to get a bottle of Annabella), we went to walk a couple of miles on the Mt. Vernon Trail at Gravelly Point, by the Reagan Airport.  If I lived there I’d be running on that path every weekend- it was awesome.

gravelly point

Across the river you could see all the tents being set up for the 9/11 triathlon, which was turned into a duathlon, because the Potomac was too high (due to the constant flooding rain that brought 10+ inches of rain last week). 

We stopped and turned around at this beautiful memorial for the army and navy members who were lost at sea.  It reminded me of King Triton.  I love the weeping willows in the background.



We had to stop and take a rest break halfway through.  My legs were so soooooooooooooore. 

When we got home after a bread filled dinner at a Greek restaurant (I ate a whole loaf and broke my “no drinking for a week rule” and had some wine… five days is pretty good, right?  Alchie.), it was time to change the dressings on my puss-ing hand.  Unfortunately, Evester doesn’t keep band-aids at her condo.  Who doesn’t keep band-aids around for emergency situations?? Just call me MacGyver.


Whatever, it worked.  And I went to get band-aids this morning so after picking out the cotton pieces, all was good again.

This morning I left early to avoid the miserable DC traffic and ran 2 miles, did 30 minutes on the dreaded elliptical and 15 minutes on the bike.  My legs were so stiff, but by the time I got done I felt really good.  I also *cough* lifted my arms.  If you call lifting spending 8 minutes moving 7.5 lb dumbells in random motions, then yes, I lifted.

Now, time to run errands before my FIRST five day workweek of the year… many more where these come from. I hate grocery shopping on Sundays…


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  1. Evie

    it was a great mom-daughter day! Love you!!

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