Jelly Legs

Today my legs felt like jelly.  Granted, I was on my feet most of the day, but for some reason it felt like I had zero muscle today.   I also remembered to pack these after my little fall on Saturday… thankfully, they were not needed and I did not trip over any flat surfaces.


I ended up doing 8 miles with about a 9:17min/mile.  I feel like I am getting slower as this training is going on.  I don’t know why, but I just don’t feel like with as much running as I’m doing, that I’m getting any better or faster.  It’s so frustrating… and I feel like I should be getting way more awesome than I already am… but it’s fine, because my mantra for the marathon is, “JUST FINISH.”  You know how some people want to win?  I just want to not quit.  Or die.

Around mile 5 I started feeling really good and thought, “Perhaps I’ll just go nuts today and do my 17 mile long run since it’s supposed to rain on Saturday.”

At mile 6 my exact thought was, “Oh Kathy.  You are cra-cra to think you can run 17 miles on a Monday.  No f-ing way.”  So then I ran home and barely dragged myself through the last two.  Silly me.  But it’s done.  Now this week I have a 4, 4, 8 and 17 left… jealous?

In terrible parents news, have you heard about this lady who dressed her daughter as a prostitute like Pretty Woman?  She thought it would be “funny.”  Not only is that not funny, but it’s even more not funny because you are dumb enough to have the entire thing taped by Toddlers and Tiaras. 


Yes, mom, it’s funny to dress your kid up like a hooker.  It’s kind of like dressing up your kid as Big Bird.  Same thing.

Today at school, as my better half of a teacher and I were eating lunch with our kiddos, for some reason the topic of our ages came up. The kids guessed she was between 16 and 29 (she’s a tad bit older than me) and I was pegged at either 15 years old or 41 years old.  Super close, kids, super close.  They then decided that since I was a ‘miss’ and I wasn’t married that there was no freaking way for me to be over 30, and since their moms were grandmas as well and only 40, I must not be 41.  Great deduction skills there, kids.  I tried to talk to them about how people can still be over 30 and not be married… but they weren’t having it.  It was like I told them that Peter Pan was going to come eat lunch with us today— totally unbelievable.  Funny little kids.  I love my job.


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