Finally… a fast run!

Today my schedule called for 8 miles.  Of course I chose running that over the 17 that is looming over my head for this weekend.

8 miles in 67minutes is a little less than an 8:30 min/mile pace… and over 7 minutes less than my 8 mile run on Monday, so that feels good.  I really pushed myself today and believe me, there were multiple times when I thought about slowing down and/ or stopping.  But it felt good to run fast, and it felt even better to be done. 


I couldn’t stand up to take a picture of myself… My legs were way too tired for standing, or moving, or crawling, or anything.   Then I needed to ice my leggies while ordering Jimmy Johns (which I found yesterday on my run to the bar!!!! yes!!!), because today, I think I deserve it.  And I also don’t have any food I feel like making, because again, that would require standing and moving. 

Have I mentioned yet how much I HATE bikers?  I’m sorry to all you bikers out there, but the ones who live in my neighborhood are stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid.  They’re terrible. Awful.  Horrible.  Dumb.  Ignorant.  Not even kidding.  It’s like no one knows any rules of the road and because they’re on a bike, they can do whatever they want… and it won’t be their fault if they get hit, of course.

This guy


ran a red light so I almost hit him, he’s not wearing a helmet (yes, that’s a dude), and he was swerving in and out of the CAR lane.  I should start a blog on how bikers in this area are dumb as rocks.  My favorite is when they’re talking on cell phones… again, no helmet and no regard for cars or laws.  But whaeves.  Who needs laws anyways?

I’m getting fired up just thinking about it.  New subject.  Today at school we encountered our first meltdown of the year… honeymoon period’s over.  We also encountered our first name calling (a big fatty, I believe was the insult… while tattletale was the rebuttal).  But, thankfully we made it through and shockingly, most of them remember all the continents and oceans—baby steps.  Also, something every human needs to know—there’s a new ocean.  I had no idea until yesterday… Thank God I found out before I talked about the four oceans I was aware of.


It’s just like when they took Pluto away from the planets. I feel old.


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