My Fears

Lately, as my training has gotten a bit more intense and as my legs are really starting to just get sore and stay sore (for like, the last 3 weeks), I’ve been thinking about things I don’t want to happen to me during the marathon.  I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list in the next 8 weeks of training… but so far, these things are taking up way to much of my brain space.

1. Death.  Obvi.  I’d like to live through it to tell the tale.  And to be able to eat an entire pizza without guilt.


2. Horrible Wipe-Out, much like the one last weekend, but worse.  This includes broken ankles caused by a horrible wipe out. 


3. Anything that feels like death, like being thirsty and only being able to think of smoothies. This happens to me around mile 9 of my long runs.  And then it kind of feels like I might die if I don’t get a smoothie.  (Hint— mom, it’d be super cool if there were a smoothie waiting for me say, around mile 20… then another at 26.2.)


4. Bloody Nips, like this guy. Or bloody anything for that matter. I’d like to stay blood free if at all possible. 


5. My worst nightmare. Poop. Even worse…. Liquid poop. You can bet your ass I’ll know where every pit stop is on that marathon course… just because I don’t want any photos like this guy. I’m not losing my dignity just to cross the finish line.



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  1. Evie

    Yes I will have a smoothie(s) for you…and if you poop your pants I will not claim you…enough said. I will still love you but from afar.

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