Until about two minutes ago, I thought today was Wednesday.  I hate it when that happens.  Especially around 8pm.  Shoot.

Today I became an even bigger running nerd than I already was (you know, with my Garmin, water bottle, ipod and knee brace thing)… because I bought an amphipod belt to hold more crap while I’m doing long runs. 


I actually bought it specifically for today, because I was running (5miles) to meet some friends at this cute little bar for beers and dinner… so, I thought to myself, “What if they stand me up and I need a phone?  Because I sure as hell am not running the hills back to my house.”  But then I decided, after I started to run and get over the uncomfortableness of having something hanging at my waist (kinda like a fanny pack at Kings Dominion), that this would be perfect for having a spot for more gels or some sort nourishment (like Swedish Fish) during the marathon.

Now before I run I can say to myself, “Kathleen, do you have

  • water bottle and key
  • Garmin
  • ipod
  • knee brace
  • belt
  • gel 1
  • gel 2
  • Swedish Fish
  • Excedrin.”

And then I can look at my list and see I’ve added about 10lbs onto my body while running…. but it’s worth it.  Because this is what all the really cool runners do.  In all seriousness, I think it will be good to have a space for extra gels during the marathon, but it was a little weird at first to have something kind of bouncing on your waist.  Then, each time I had to stop because of an intersection, it was kind of annoying to get started again.  I guess if I keep using it on the long runs it will be fine and I’ll get used to it. I’ll let you know if it was worth 20 big ones. 

Speaking of Swedish Fish…

swedish fish

Thank God I got to Target when I did.  Now, I’m all stocked up for a few weeks…and, I saved $0.50 while I was at it!  It’s the little things.

Today at school the kids brought up two equally disturbing movies–


And of course they knew all about them when I pretended to not know the movies.  Anyone remember the roller coaster scene?? Geez.  Don’t worry… my 8 year old students are watching this stuff on the weekends.  Super awesome.  I apologize for the nightmares you may have because of this post and seeing Chucky’s face.  No wonder some of my kids look like they haven’t slept in days.

I have big plans to *maybe* run my 17 miles tomorrow after work.  Although seeing as it will be 90 degrees at 4:30 and my water bottle only holds 22oz, that will probably not happen.  Yeah… that’s my excuse.  I’ll be dreading it the entire day.  And more than likely, I’ll put it off until Saturday… but, a girl can dream, right?



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3 responses to “Nerdo

  1. Leah

    HAHAHAHA – the roller coaster scene is so INAPPROPRIATE! Your blog makes me laugh out loud every morning.LOVE it! xoxox

  2. Evie

    So where are the band-aids or are you mcguyvering it with the knee brace?

  3. Ahh, Fear. Those were the days. The days before Ryan broke little Reese’s heart into shreds! Wait, we aren’t talking about that.
    And man, I need to lose 10lbs just for that extra 10lbs of crap I carry in my spibelt and camelbak during runs. Sheesh.

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