I Love Details

Today I found out there had been another armed robbery near my house.  It happened a week ago and I’m just hearing about it now.  Huh.  Now, I’m not saying I’m a good writer, or that I’d be a good reporter, or that I had any training in journalism (because I definitely didn’t, as you can tell from this blog)… But I have to say that the RTD is the worst when it comes to making sense or giving any sort of details in the articles.  For instance:

Richmond police are asking the public for help in identifying two men captured in surveillance camera photos who are wanted in a shooting ….Police were called to scene because of a disorderly crowd. As they arrived, they heard a gunshot and found a man who had been shot in the leg. Detectives have identified the two men in the photos… in the shooting….Anyone who can identify them or who has information about the shooting..

Does anyone else find it strange that the article mentions that detectives KNOW who the two men are, but are trying to find people who KNOW who the men are?    Or that there are NO details as to what race, height,  facial features… etc.  that I’m supposed to be watching out for.  Thanks a lot RTD.  Your reporting, once again, amazes me.  But thankfully I now know there are two scary men with guns- you were clear about that.

My workout today was an ‘easy’ one.  Although, my legs were so stiff that I trudged through a slow and heavy 5 miles, then spent some time on the bike, just to keep my legs loose.  I also lifted my arms for a minute and a half…. so, you can see muscle lines now.  If you have X-ray vision.  I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s day off from the training plan… Working out 6 days a week is starting to wear on me.


On my way home today these two lovely port-o-johns were on trucks in front of me.  It was like they were in cahoots to box me in while there was no space in the left lane.  The gray one’s door kept flapping open and closed, which made me think of this:

Mose in outhouse


I love the office.  I really hope it doesn’t suck without Michael… but my hopes aren’t too high.

I also am a little disappointed in Brad Pitt.  If you’ve heard his latest interview, you know that he basically bashed his marriage to Jennifer Aniston and says that being with Angie is the ‘smartest thing he’s ever done.’  Apparently his marriage to Jennifer, my hero and idol and person I would do just about anything to look like, was just boring and uninteresting and pathetic.  Now, not only do I really, really, really dislike Angelina for being a home wrecker… but you can add Brad to that list.  I’m sure this is ruining both of their lives as you read.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd in honor of payday, I tried to shop online today.  I really tried to spend money and in turn, boost the economy.  But then, the coupon codes and free shipping wouldn’t work… so, way to go website.  You just lost out on a fantastic sale. 


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