Look what I got in the mail today!!!!


My bestie surprised me with this little gem, which I’ve been wanting forever, but just kept forgetting to order.   It’s a Road ID Ankle ID that has all my info and contact phone numbers just in case I’m running alone and have a more serious fall than the scraping of the hands last weekend.  Or unless I get mugged for my amphipod belt with GU gels in it.  My favorite part is that at the bottom, it says “Just Judy 26.2 Love You.” If you know me in real life,  you know my friends and I call each other Judy, stemming from an incident in college that cost us thousands of dollars.  It’s really flourished and now people from all parts of my life  and all over the country know what a Judy is.  Tribute post to come.

This little gift has really made my week- it’s been a tough one, but I’m so thankful to have supportive friends who love me (and care about my safety, obvi) and think I can actually complete this marathon.  Because there have been a few (let’s be honest, way more than just a few) times this week where running 17 miles tomorrow seems impossible… but now I have just a little more motivation!  And another thing to add to my list of crap to take while running!  Thanks, Judo!

Well, autumn has come to the Richmond region.  Although yesterday it was 90 degrees, so… wasn’t expecting 50 degrees and rainy.  Awesome.  Guess I should be glad it’s not 100, like this girl’s hometown.

weather sept

This morning Derby woke me up at 4:00am by jumping on my  bed, racing around the room, and jumping on the bed— over, and over, and over.  Anyone want a free cat?  She’s good around food and kids.  Right now she’s obsessively walking back and forth by her food bowl waiting for dinner.  12 minutes, fatty.  You’ll make it.

Today at school the kids learned to give a compliment because my partner in crime got a cute new haircut and color yesterday (and it makes me want to go dark again).  Although some of the first words were, “What.  What’s wrong with her hair? There’s nothing to talk about.  Weird.”  Ahhhh kids.  Always full of nice things to say to one another.  We also made it through our first chair throwing of the year without any injuries, so if we can just keep up the good work, we’ll be set for those SOL’s in May. 

Tonight I’m going to be having something like this


for dinner to get ready for my big run.  Does carbo-loading really work?  What do real runners eat the day before a big run??  Guess we’ll find out if I don’t die tomorrow.


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