Longest ever

I ran 17 miles this morning!!!


After I hit 15, I kept thinking… “This is the longest I’ve ever run.  This is the longest I’ve ever run.  This is the longest I’ve ever run.”  Kind of like Dora in Nemo. 

Okay, starting at the beginning… this is how happy I was to be up at 6:00am.  Geez do I look good.


And I left with my Garmin, RoadID, Amphipod, 2 gels, 2 Excedrin, Swedish Fish, knee brace, ipod and small child.  Lots of shit for a run.  It was still dark so I headed in the opposite direction of my plan, because running in downtown Richmond in the dark is something that no one should ever do.  Not only are there crack heads wandering around, but running on cobblestone and brick sidewalks aren’t something this girl can do well… so trying to brave it in the dark wasn’t an option.

I took two Excedrin before I left (for both the caffeine and so perhaps my legs wouldn’t hurt) started off slow and had an almost wipe-out at mile 4, then again at mile 9, and then again at 11.  Great news… I was upright the entire run!  Winner!  I took my Vanilla GU gel at mile 10, then my stomach hurt for a bit… but it went away.  If you’ve read my blog for a week then you know my biggest fear while running the marathon.    I had to stop after mile 12 to buy another water, but other than that, I was moving slightly faster than walking pace the entire time.  Go me.  Finally, I took another Excedrin around mile 15.  I had planned on having another gel at 15 or 16, but I really didn’t need it because I was so pumped I was almost finished.

I’m actually really happy with my time- sliiiiiiiiiiiiightly less than 10 minute miles for 17 miles?  Not too shabby.  Although I’m in the process of losing a toenail, so that might slow me down next week. Eek.  It’s gross.  But at this pace I’ll make it under my 4.5 hour goal for the marathon.

When I got done, I walked to the store and bought two 10lb bags of ice.  And then it got scary.  Like, monster movie scary.

ice bath

But I got in with all my clothes on and played words with friends on my phone, and made it through 14 minutes.  Is that enough time??  I was dying.  Dying.

And then after showering and stretching, I ate an entire box of cheerios because I couldn’t summon the energy to make an egg sammy like I had planned.  Sitting on the couch with a box of cereal  and bowl of milk was much easier.  Next time I’m going to have to recruit someone to be here cooking for me when I’m done.  Any takers?  I’d also like some Starbucks.  I know, now I’m just getting greedy.

Anyway… not that I’m saying it was totally awesome and amazing and something I’d love to do every Saturday morning… but it wasn’t as terrible as I’d thought.  It felt like such an accomplishment to actually be able to run that far, and boy, does it feel good to be finished.  

I’m off to enjoy the day with more couch sitting and maybe the Oktoberfest. if I can move my legs in a few hours.  Do you know how many beers/ wings this means I can have during the Kentucky/ Louisville game tonight?  Obviously this is the real reason for running that far… Go Cats!!!!!



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4 responses to “Longest ever

  1. Kara

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! …17 miles, that’s big time. Love you!!

  2. Thanks 🙂 So glad it’s done! Next week… 18. Eek.
    GO CATS!!!!

  3. Michelle (your other half's running buddy)

    If the gu made your tummy mad, try half at a time. i discovered that little gem after a few too many “uh oh” moments spent frantically eyeballing any bush that looked suitable and in need of the nourishment. fortunately (for me) and unfortunately (for the bushes and again for me) I was able to keep those gels down but it didn’t make for a fun run. half a gel, a handful of pretzels to nibble over the next couple miles, and then finish the gel works for me. and NEVER chase with powerade, only water. too much sugar at once is not a good thing.

  4. Thanks for the tip Michelle! I tried powerade once and it was bad news…I’m going to try pretzels now- you’re the second person to mention them, so they’re worth a try! Hopefully next week I won’t have anymore issues… ha

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