This is a tribute post to one of my favorite imaginary women of all time… JUDY.

**Disclaimer: I do not mean to offend anyone whose name is Judy.  This Judy is purely a fictional character.**

Judith Earlmeister is a figment of many people’s imaginations, brought to life because an inebriated  decision to steal paintings from a fraternity one May night back in 2004.  After dragging said paintings across campus, thereby ruining both the canvas and frames, it was decided to write our identities all over the back of the frames before returning the stolen goods.  Unfortunately, this mistake cost us $1000’s.  OOPS. 


After the safe return of the founding father paintings, a drive through the Indiana back roads in a pickup left us lost and afraid.  Luckily, we met Judith and her husband, Earl, who were driving in a dark purple minivan, and were given (fiercely I might add) directions back to campus by Earl, all while Judith was being shushed and cast aside by her woman hating husband.

This gave us JUDY, survivor of domestic abuse; porch- sitter; puma- sole wearer; Boston cream pie fanatic.


Judith is a woman who goes by many names:

  • Judy
  • Hoody
  • Jewd
  • Jude
  • Judy Moody
  • Juju
  • Jewdy
  • Judie
  • Hoody Moody

Judy is currently married to Earl (Judith and Earl  Earlmeister) and is forced to live under the porch.  She only comes out when Earl kicks her with his Pumas or feeds her Boston cream pies.

judy house


Judith and Earl have just celebrated yet another anniversary together….


Although we don’t see Judith often, we are sure she’s still flourishing under the porch where she belongs. 

Now, we love playing the game… Name a Famous Judy.. GO!

1.  Judy Blume

Go to full-size image

2. Judy Garland


3.  Judge Judy

judge judy

4.  Judy Moody

judy moody

5.  Jujubes


6. SNL Judy (that I just found out about)

SNL Judy

7.  Saint Jude

saint jude

8. Judy Jetson

judy jetson

9.  Stephanie Judith Tanner

stephanie judith tanner

And Many More…

We still love Judith… for instance, this was on an MoH gift for one Jude.

*Note, none of our names is Judith.


Oh hello Jude…


When I see a larger woman eating say… a big mac…with mayo dripping down her face- she is a Judy.

When I see a woman hoarding all of the Gas X at the grocery- she is a Judy.

When I see someone secret eating in her car- she is a Judy.

When a person is totally unaware of others around them- that person is a Judy.

When I watch that hoarders TV show… typically… a Judy.

When you hear of people with 78 cats…. Judy.  **note- I only have one.**


Can anyone name another famous Judy?? Go.


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