8 Mile Monday

I’m a little late posting tonight.  It’s been a long, hard day. That’s what she said.

Really though… Mondays are not my favorite.  Today, I killed a cockroach.


I used to scream, stand on my bed, and make my brother come kill all the bugs that came out of the little crevices when I was younger.  Buuuuut, you can’t do that when you have 17 kids and another adult in the room (that you want to make believe you’re a badass).  So, I had to man up, grab a notebook without jumping out of my skin, and kill the cockroach without freaking.  And I did. And then it fell off the desk and I freaked a little.

To be totally honest, I didn’t know it was a roach until my partner in crime told me.  Otherwise, things might have gotten a little dicey.  My legs immediately felt like jelly right after… I don’t know what it is about bugs in a classroom, but it’s something I don’t handle well.  

Other than that, the day went well… no fighting, no tantrums, no name calling.  It’s a win in my book.  Although the kids have been zombies ever since school started… so sometimes I feel like I’m talking to a room full of stuffed animals.

When I got home, I had to talk myself into running 8 miles.  It took me a mile to really get loose, and my legs didn’t feel nearly as bad as I thought they would after Saturday’s run, so that was good news.  The other important piece of good news is… my toenail is still attached to my foot!  Reeeeeeeeeeeally hoping that doesn’t hurt when it actually comes off.  I’m blaming the pedicurist from last week… not ever getting a pedicure while training for anything again.  Ever. 


Toes are weird looking.  What a weird picture.

When I got done dragging my entire body through the run, I decided I needed some mindless TV to help me feel good.  Although, after 10 minutes of Jersey Housewives I had to switch to The Office.  Too much drama for me right now.

Speaking of TV… great week for season premiers… One of my favorites- Modern Family.

I love Phil.


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4 responses to “8 Mile Monday

  1. Uhmmm…I didn’t want to tell you this earlier because your knees were shaking and I was a little afraid you would faint and scare our kiddies, but…you missed the cockroach. He scurried off after he hit the floor. Where do you think he’s hiding now?

  2. I think you’re lying. I saw it fall off the desk.

  3. but really… are you serious? I’m having heart palpatations right now just thinking about it.

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