One Month!

It’s my one month blogiversary!!  Watch out fellow bloggers, I’m big time now.  Someone send me flowers, please.  Or… carrot cake.  Or… wine.  Actually all three would be best.

In the past month of blogging about my marathon training (and other random things) I’ve realized a few things.

I learned that I need to be brave.  For you.


I know what it means to be committed.


I get what it’s like to be influential…. or not.


I now understand what it’s like to have friends.  Only, I have more on Facebook.


I know what what it means to feed my body well.


I learned to love ice.


Overall, my life is dull.


Have you learned anything from my blog this past month besides the fact that I’m a klutz and that I love my couch time?

Make motivational posters here.



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3 responses to “One Month!

  1. I learned you have a secret friend named Judy. Does that count?

  2. That’s actually probably the most important thing about me. My invisible friend.

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