Pretzel Pizazz

Today’s workout was an 8 mile run in 67 minutes.  Not too shabby for a Wednesday. 

Also not too shabby after coming home, sitting on the couch (uh-oh), and then talking on the phone to my friend Robin (who is running her first marathon in Chicago in a month!!!!!) for nearly an hour.  Because when I opened the door to run, I realized it was raining. 


Typically this would deter me from working out… but, since I’d already put on workout clothes… I decided I might as well just go.  So… I went. 

While talking to Robin today, I realized that lately I’ve been dreading my runs after work.  Training was SO much easier and way more enjoyable when I was off school for the summer and could do my runs in the mornings without the fatigue of the day hanging on me.  I do not even know how moms and people who work super long hours do it.  I like to blame my tiredness on the 9 year olds that demand attention all day long, buuuuuuuuuuuut I know people have much tougher schedules and still manage to run and train.  You are my heroes.

Well…last night, this happened.


And I wonder where all my money goes.  I just spent $20 on peanut butter (don’t forget the added $10 on shipping… totally worth it).  But, seriously… best peanut butter EVER.  Peanut butter with pretzels and cinnamon.  OMG.  Seriously. Amazing.  I’m trying out the chocolate chipmunk this time too… peanut butter with chocolate chunks?  Yes, please.

Happy birthday, Rachel.  This was going to be a surprise… but this is all I have to talk about on the blog.  Sorry. 

In sad news, no one brought me flowers, carrot cake, or wine today to celebrate my blogiversary…


I’ll see you in a few Annabella… I’ve missed you.



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3 responses to “Pretzel Pizazz

  1. Rachel

    Holy s…not only did I make your blog..but now many, many cool people know my birthday is coming up. Word up, RDK…thanks for the shout out! Also, I tried to send you a pic of Dylan in her cool new tennis shoes to possibly make the blog since if she wanted to run…maybe she could. The pic wouldn’t send. I will keep working on this.

  2. Evie

    I need to taste that peanut butter – love Mom

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