The kids make me laugh

This morning, we got this note from a student who forgot his homework:

math apology

Apparently he did not want to not turn anything in, so he made up his own graph and questions to answer.  He also is a VERY good speller, as noted by forgot (frgout).  Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery close.  Think we need to work on spelling with you, bud.

I laughed for five minutes after seeing this today.  And you know what?  This counted as homework.  I actually thought it was way better and way more work than the rest of the students… automatic A and a spot on my ‘favorites’ list.

This afternoon’s workout was a five mile run (almost five miles.. I’m going to be honest… it was more like 4.7 and I really couldn’t move my legs another step). 

Also: Note to self… Cotton T-shirt in 1,000,000% humidity = bad idea.


After leaving without my water bottle (which is where my key is stored) I had to go grab my key from the besties house (that thankfully I remembered giving to her months back—she did not) and finish my run in the rain.  Again… raining. completed.  Winner.

After a quick shower I headed over to the Richmond Roadrunner’s store for a Ladies Wine Night.  This also included discounts… or so I thought.

When we arrived, there were only a few people in the store, which of course made things awkward.  I’m not the most socially outgoing person ever and I get awkward in these types of settings…. especially when my eyes are on the food and wine that no one is touching.

After trying to locate a salesperson who knew what was going on, we finally figured out that discounts were only 10% on apparel and shoes.  UM.  Sorry.  I can get my shoes cheaper online, and I think it’s ridiculous to pay $50.00 for a bra. 

Oh, and did I mention there was NO discounts on any accessories???  I specifically went to buy Zensah compression sleeves… but guess what?  I can get them cheaper online.  So… overall, it was disappointing.  Not what I was expecting, but after reading their misspelled and grammatically incorrect flyer, I guess I should have known.

I did find this little sucker though-

toe saver

buuuuut, since I’ve never heard of them before (and because my toenail is just about a goner), I decided I’d take my chances without them.  I can buy two cheap bottles of wine for $10.00 at Trader Joes…who needs toe savers when you’ve got band aids?

So, overall I’d give the Roadrunners Ladies event a 3 out of 10.  They got 3 points for the soft pretzels and egg rolls. 

Finally, it was time for wine night.  I’ve been looking forward to this all week.  Great food (forgot to take a picture of the brie ball… but amazing), good wine and awesome girl time.   I seriously tried to market RDK out the wazoo (I still have less than 20 followers, you know), so I told my best jokes and am hoping for the best.  Girls… all you have to do is click the follow link on the side of the page.  Simple.

wine night 1wine night 2

Tomorrow’s Friday!!  That also means it’s my day off from any gym time… I get to REST my leggies before 18 miles on Saturday… eek.



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4 responses to “The kids make me laugh

  1. I just bought that $52 bra online for $31. Booyah. And, I tried to write some constructive criticism on the feedback section of the Roadrunners website, but it wasn’t accepting comments. Hmmm. I may be petty and have waaay too much time on my hands, but the whole thing reeks if you ask me.

  2. Toe caps! Interesting. I might want to try those but man I’d feel like an old lady with those on. Did they have them for the little toes too?

  3. Michelle (your other half's running buddy)

    start working on that toenail. pull, clip, pull. your feet will feel better once it’s gone. and there will be another little beauty growing there under it so you won’t be a complete freak without a nail, just a weirdo with a half! consider it your prize for the mileage you’re doing. and when someone looks a you like you’re gross, just ask them how many miles they ran today!
    toenail damage usually comes from a couple things:
    1. lots of downhill running. your toes bang into the front of the toe-box of your shoe
    2. shoes too small. lots of people run in a 1/2 size bigger
    3. wrong shoes for your feet. there are so many variables to running shoes.

    if you continue to have blisters/toe probs, try thinner shoes, body glide on your feet, or a larger shoe. when you buy shoes (and i admit that i buy them online too even though i know i should support my LRS) check out the specs on the toe-box height/width. is one of my faves for gear. free shipping both ways and they are fast!

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