Three Random Things (On a Thursday)

It’s Thursday!  Which means it’s almost Friday!  And, it’s wine night!  And, it’s Roadrunner Ladies Night (don’t forget, I’ll be there from 6:30-7:30ish… obviously the most important reason to attend)!

Yesterday I found out about this cool website.


It’s a website that you can use to track all the ‘good’ things you do daily, and for each activity you get a point value added to your balance.  For instance, I got a point for not drinking soda, 10 points for working out, and 2 points for having a healthy snack. 

Once you get a bunch of points, you can exchange them for gift cards or discounts at places in your area.  My eyes are on the $10 Starbucks gift card.  I need 4,700 more points.  Whatever… I’m poor.  I’m a teacher… and my students don’t bring me gift cards, so I’ve got to finagle them for myself. Although, one of the discounts was a free meal at my favorite sushi date place, and that was a lot less points….  Tough decisions.

I also read this article about how places like Whole Foods trick you into think you’re getting the best of everything.

whole foods

Sneaky, sneaky.  In the article, the author mentioned that although the produce might look fresh (you know, they spray it with the misting device and put it in ice), but the average apple is FOURTEEN……14……14…….14  MONTHS OLD.  Makes me a little pissed for thinking I’m buying them ‘in season.’  Rip off. 


And when I have $85 to spend on useless stuff (peanut butter IS useful, you can eat it), remind me that I want this.


Because everyone needs an authentic “look like you spilled coffee all over your shirt, but really you didn’t”.   Silly fools who think it’s real.  You got them.


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