Happy Fall!

It’s official.  It’s the first day of fall. 

first day of fall

Except here in Richmond…. it’s gray, gloomy, and rainy.

Which makes me wonder if I’m going to do my 18 mile run tomorrow.  I don’t like to run in the rain… so I don’t. 


I don’t like my shoes getting all squishy.  I don’t like my shoes smelling like dead animals.  I don’t like the extra poundage the rain adds to my clothing.  And I don’t like heavy, wet ponytails. 

So.  Cross your fingers that the rain goes away and it’s just cloudy.  And that last week wasn’t a fluke… and that I can really make it 18 miles.  I’m starting to get anxious that last week was just a one time thing…

Well… I did it.  I said no to beers at happy hour.


Who am I these days?? 

I’m giving myself a big ol’ pat on the back though for plowing through not one, but two baskets of chips.  Carbo-load, right?  Aaaaand now my tum hurts and I feel like a salt truck dropped it’s load off into my body.  Way to go, Kathy, way to go. 

And all I really want right now is my favorite Greek salad from Joes (the one with the homemade feta cheese holy shit so delicious)… but I’m afraid of what the roughage might do to the insides.  Guess plain pasta noodles it is.  Yum.

So today I got an email of constructive criticism from my favorite tiny blonde friend, Kelly.

kat kell 

Kelly is also (yes, my friends are aaaaaaamazing) training for her first marathon in October!  She is way faster than me and I’m jealous.

Anywooo… her two points were:

1.  She’s not mentioned and she’s jelly.  Well, Kell… you even got a picture.  And I miss you.

2.  I didn’t really give the full, complete, 100% story of Judy, and she feels that RDK readers are missing out on the essence that is Judith.  And I have to agree, there’s way more to Jude that I didn’t put in the blog… so every now and then I’m going to do a Judy post.  And if you don’t want to hear about our imaginary friend, then don’t read RDK that day… but if you want to go Judy hunting, you might need some more details.  I also just decided to do a post (soon) on how and where you can Judy hunt. 

Thanks, Kelly, I really appreciate the constructive way you came at me with your RDK issues.  Don’t worry, there’ll be some changes ahead.

Speaking of, I’m researching different types of running shoes for a total running post (shocker, I know), so let me know if you have any questions you want answered!  I’m looking at different shoes for pronation, the barefoot shoes, etc.  I know that running shoes are such a personal thing, but some people want to know about why/ how each style is good for the foot.  So, that will take actual work on my part.

office space

Finally… don’t forget to FOLLOW my blog!!


All you do is put in your email address.  So easy to make my day if you care at all about that.  I get happy chills.


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  1. Michelle (your other half's running buddy)

    so running in the rain isn’t the most fun but think of it as a free shower! for the shoe issues….when you get home, take out the liners and stuff them with newspaper. periodically check the paper and replace as needed until dry. this keeps away the smell (but remember to replace the paper after a few hours or it will actually make the smell WAY worse. trust me on this one) and helps them dry faster. having a second pair is a good idea too so your shoes can “rejuvenate” and your feet will thank you. just call me your running guru!

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