Garmin Gone Crazy

18 miles in a little less than three hours (I think 2:55ish).  Not exactly sure of the time… because MY GARMIN WENT BATSHIT CRAZY.


Garmin worked fine until mile 10, when I stopped back by my house to take off my long sleeve shirt.  I threw the shirt on the porch and set off again… except Garmin wouldn’t turn back on.  A few minutes later, it started beeping my history at me.  Finally it started and worked okay until mile 15, and all of the sudden it started changing my pace time by minutes at a time (um, no, don’t think I’m running a 7 minute mile anytime soon, but thanks for the thought), then started showing me my history, all while still ticking off seconds.  It would not respond to anything and finally, it just stopped and wouldn’t start the time again. 

F-ing bitch.

So, needless to say I was kind of ticked off and it ruined the end of my run because I like to know my exact time (especially when I’m hammering out 18 miles). 

Other than that, the run was okay… It started off well (with no rain!!!) and around mile 12 it started raining, which felt nice at this point.  I took half a gel at mile 12, ate a couple pretzels at 13, and took the other half at 14.  This seemed to work way better on my stomach (thanks, Michelle!), but unfortunately the pretzels were soggy from rain, sweat, and melted Swedish fish.  And I got super thirsty after I ate them… but no bathroom breaks were needed! 

It was a bit like Mario Kart out there today- huge puddles… not one, but two discarded banana peels… one random shoe.


Even better news… I didn’t slip on ANYthing!

So, check it off the list.  I only have 2 more long runs (two 20’s) until the big day, so that’s kind of nice to look forward to!

When I got home, I treated myself to another ice bath, which wasn’t terrible… just super cold.  I tried not to think about anything other than the fact that I was done working out for the day… good thoughts, good thoughts. 

And, I treated myself to a little Christmas Blend.

xmas blend

I seriously hoard this stuff, starting around Thanksgiving each year.  And then I get some as Christmas presents… and then I slooooowly use it throughout the year…until I can go buy more.  Thank God it’s almost that time of year… I’m almost out. 

*and anyone needing Christmas present ideas for me, this will get you a huge smile every time*

So, now it’s time to relax, eat, watch TV, eat, lay around, eat… you know, typical Saturday around here.

Happy weekend!


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