Bug in the Eye

Today’s 5 mile run was supposed to be ‘easy.’  It was not that easy. 

I thought I felt great today- my legs were not sore, my toenail never fell off- but one block in, it felt like I was lugging concrete slabs with every step I took.  It didn’t help that I needed to stop for a quick “break” at McDonalds.  Or that I got a tiny gnat decided to make it’s new home in my eyeball a half a mile from home… because that was fun for no one, especially me. 

But I finished, stretched, and feel so much better now.  Hopefully tomorrow’s ‘easy’ run will be just that.  Easy.

easy button

Today was just another Monday…. if you think it’s normal for your students to be teaching you bad things in their native language.. and you yell that bad thing at them, thinking it’s not bad.

Because today I learned to say “be quiet”/ “stop talking” in Spanish.  But later, after saying it over and over, I found it was really the English equivalent of  “shut the H up”.  Thanks, kids, for the tip and language lesson.

Apparently I’m a…

bad teacher

…just like slutty Cameron Diaz in the movie.  Awesome. 

So, I’ve become more assertive lately, and I’m really starting to like this new person that says what she wants.

Today, I got an insurance company to drop their ridiculous bill after me dropping them for car insurance.   What’s up, Erie Insurance, don’t mess with me.

Also today, I got this little surprise in the mail….


I seriously LOVE Flying Squirrel Peanut Butter…. now called Wild Squirrel Nut Butter.  Not only am I obsessed with Pretzel Pizazz (obvi… if you can’t tell that from the picture above you’re an idiot), but when I got my package, I got a jar of Curious Coconut instead of the Chocolate Chipmunk (now discontinued), but unfortunately, I don’t like anything coconut.   And, it was partly open, so it was all over the packing, other jars and part empty.


So I nicely (I think) emailed them asking for a refund on the coconut (since it’s not going to be eaten) or another jar of pizazz (I’m a lush, let’s be honest), and just told them about the mishap on the packaging.  In response, they’re giving me a refund on the peanut butter and sending me more this week! HOLY MOTHER OF BABY CHEESES.  And, they emailed me back right away…. such awesome customer service (not to mention peanut butter)… so you should definitely ORDER from them.  Immediately.


Thanks, Keeley and Erika!  One of those pizazz jars is half empty already. 

In top 5 assertive/ be successful at telling someone what you what, I think today’s a success.

Go me.

And finally, I got to watch Bridesmaids again.  And I nearly peed my pants.  Again.  So freaking funny.

kristin wiig

Every time I see this movie I want to get my hair cut.  But I’m too much of a chicken.  And I don’t have personal stylists to do my hair everyday. Shoot.


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