Rainy Tuesday

Today I had this staring me in the face during the drive to work. 

bird poop

Every time I turned my head to the left, it was right there.   So gross.  Thankfully, it’s raining right now so I’m hoping by tomorrow it will be gone.

In school news (if you care) we’ve been reading the kids different versions of the story Stone Soup….so in culmination we decided to have the kids bring in different vegetables to make our own stone soup (complete with a stone and all… at least, that’s what I told them.  Suckers.).  We got tons of stuff- tomatoes, corn, carrots, potatoes, onions, celery, cabbage, and broth.   This morning I cut the veggies up and threw them in the crock pots…

stone soup 1

…and by 3:00 we had a delicious stone soup.

stone soup 2

The kids were amazed at how good the soup was- and all it was was VEGETABLES.  Shocking.  Perhaps this will teach them that eating vegetables can be a good thing?

I added a little seasoning for flavor, and it was great…. so great, that we saved the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  Of course then, I’m adding some cheese and crackers…

My workout today was easier than yesterday’s terrible bug in the eye run.  I did 5 miles at an 8:30 pace and then 20 minutes on the bike.  My concrete legs felt like wooden legs today, so that was a huge improvement.  I’m hoping that tomorrow they’ll feel like normal human legs again.

Oh, and I was out of socks today, so I wore these huge Nike ones I found (that could possibly be my brother’s from a reeeeeeeeally long time ago)…


So I felt like a winner at the gym for sure. 

And I just want to thank the inventor of the DVR machine that Comcast gave me…. I’ve got a lot to catch up on and I hate commercials.  You are wonderful.


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One response to “Rainy Tuesday

  1. Evie

    Wow that soup looked good! And glad the kids liked it.

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