Taking the Day Off

I’m supposed to run today.

I’m not.

new shoes

I’m missing my first day of training since I started this whole crazy adventure 11ish weeks ago.   (That is, unless I go run tomorrow.  Which may or may not happen.)  I still don’t feel great, and instead of having a semi-crappy run, I’d rather just try and get better so I feel good for my long run Saturday—3 miles to the race start and a 10 mile race (Capitol 10 Miler).

So, instead of running, I’m resting… and if I get a run in tomorrow before Saturday, then great… if not, then I’m not going to get upset and down on myself.  It’s one day (out of 72 workouts so far) that I’m missing.  Not too shabby.

Now, if I can only get those kiddos to stop spreading their germs, I’d be golden.

I went to look at some houses today (eeeeeeeeeeeeek!) and found one I loved.  And then I was reminded of how poor I am.


So, if you have any extra cash lying around and need a charity to send it to, I’m accepting donations.  I promise I’ll put it in the house fund.

Something I did spend money on yesterday (other than peanut butter and running gear), were some new cute Kate Spade sunglasses off of gilt.com.


This is the first pair of sunglasses I’ve bought that have been over $10.00… here’s to hoping I can be a grown-up and not break them in a day.  Or lose them.  Or sit on them.

Maybe I should rethink my spending habits if I want that house… hmm… there’s a novel idea.

In other news, the kids were great today- no inkling of tantrums, no throwing chairs, and although they’re a low little bunch, I’m going to enjoy this year much more than last. 

Tomorrow, I’m getting my hair cut!!!! And getting my brown hat taken care of!!!! Hey blonde… I’ve missed you.  

Also, check back to RDK for an exciting announcement in the next day or two!


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