It’s a Day for Birthdays

Happy Birthday to some of my favorite people!!!!!!

1. My brother, Kevin, is 25 today. Holla! Quarter of a century… you made it. Officially Mid- 20’s! You are the smartest almost- CPA I know, and I love you. And I’m pretty sure you still haven’t become a follower of RDK. Lame.


That picture is at our Kentucky Derby party… obvi Kevy has his derby hat on.

2. My oldest (old as in longest, not as in elderly) friend, Kara is 29 today!!! Yay! Kara you are the most honest tax collector I know, and I love you, and I miss you a ton! And Kara is also my smartest friend because she was the very FIRST official follower of RDK.


This picture is from the amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing MOH speech I gave at Kara’s wedding. Obviously, it provoked a great reaction out of the bride. I expect to receive something just as great, or nearly as great, at my wedding.

3. My Uncle Dunc, who is no longer with us, but whose name was Dunc Hynes (you know, like the ketchup). Except that wasn’t really his name, and I had no idea until his funeral that his real name was Edward. And you think you know someone. Uncle Dunc made the best mashed potatoes ever, and also encouraged my underage drinking habit at family Christmas parties. xoxo


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One response to “It’s a Day for Birthdays

  1. Evie

    Yes Happy Birthday to my favorite son and to Ms Kara who is undoubtedly one of the best people to argue with! And Dunc, we sure do miss you. And Dunc, I never knew you encouraged underage drinking…tsk tsk. Love to you all!

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