Capitol 10 Miler, Plus Some

Lots of things to cover today:

1. Yesterday was my official “off day” for the week, but since I took Thursday off, I felt great and woke up early and had a nice run at the gym and lifted before work.  I was super energized all day- maybe I should do that more often?  Then again… waking up an extra hour and a half early just seems a bit insane sometimes.

richmond night

2. On another note, Friday at school was a really good day… I am so incredibly thankful for the class I (we) have this year.  Last year’s group was a bit… rough… for lack of a better word, and there were so many days I wasn’t sure I could make it through without breaking down.  There were days I questioned my career decisions, and although I had a lot of successes, I just never felt connected with all the kids, and I was constantly battling poor attitudes. 

This year, however, I immediately fell in love with my students.  Today, while watching their reactions when they were being read to, I realized how much I enjoyed this group.  They are so funny and cute, and still seem so innocent and carefree. 

**Side note (and perhaps contradictory to my prior sentence):  One of my students told me today that a gang (spelling word) was “a group of really bad Mexicans.”  Oh, and his cousin is in one… so, that’s… just… great.

But anyway, just to be on my high horse for once (like the Mr. Lee above, I really love my kiddos. 


3. In even more exciting news… I got my hair cut!! eeeeeeeeeeeek!  And my brown hat is no longer… back to blond!


Seriously this is the shortest I’ve had my hair in such a long time… and I LOVE how my ponytail doesn’t hit me in the back (and then throw sweat everywhere) anymore! Score!


4. Last night I got all my gear together for the Capital 10 Miler today.  Clothes, gear (including Garmin, being charged- who better be on it’s best behavior tomorrow after last week’s crazy episode), Road ID (already on my ankle because I’ll forget it if not), and super cool visor that we got instead of a t-shirt. 

capitol 10 miler

Derby thinks I’m nuts for waking up early on Saturday to run a race.  Yes, I am.  It’s really put a damper on Friday nights around here.  


5. This morning I was up early for the race… I ran 3.5 miles to the race start to meet Sarah.  When I got there, I realized what a weird bunch of people runners are… everyone was trying to outdo each other on how many miles they ran BEFORE the race, how fast they were running, and just giddy with excitement. 

I, on the other hand, was still waking up, making fun of the guy with the tiger face tattoo, and rolling my eyes at the girls who looked like they needed to eat a mayonnaise sammy.  Or nine.


6. It was raining at the start of the race, and pretty chilly (still around 55 degrees…sick).  I went in with a goal of finishing around an hour and a half (9 min/mile). 

The course was pretty hilly… incline for the first 2 miles, then up and down the rest of the course.  I started off too fast as usual, but settled into my pace around mile 2.  About  a half of a mile of the course was on grass/ dirt/ mud, and literally, I was so scared I would fall (this girl does not run cross country style… can barely make it on a sidewalk for God’s sake) that I am sure I looked like I was prancing around trying to avoid any uneven surface.

I kept pretty good pace and finished at 1:29… so, instant PR since it’s my first 10 mile race.  I came in 224th place (what’s up, top 1,000).  I’m pretty sure there were 225 people running the race sooooo…

after capitol 10


7.  Yet another win for me- went to the car place to get my tire fixed.  They accidentally changed my oil instead, and felt bad that I waited so long, I got it all for FREE.   Must be my new haircut.




I love it so much I’m in the wine club.  And my next shipment comes this week. Yes.



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  1. Kara

    I LOVE the new cut!!!! Bridesmaids all the way. We missed you this weekend!!

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