More Fears

Besides the fears I’ve already mentioned, I realized there are more I can add to the list.

5.  Getting stuck behind someone with bad gas.  Like what happened during the 10 miler.

Bad Gas Poniko

Man it was gross.  And every time I sped up to pass the guy, he would speed up to pass me… and this went on for 2 miles.  So gross.  V.o.m.i.t.

6.  The race being totally uphill.   Or a lot uphill. 



At Mile 9 of the 10 miler, after running nearly 13 miles already, going straight uphill was miz.  So I walked for a minute. 

Yes, I’m the runner that will be 10 feet away from the finish and walk because she is tired. But I guess if I have people cheering me on then maybe I’ll be motivated to keep running… or whatever they call what you do from mile 26 on.

7. No bathrooms


There were zero, read em, ZERO, potty stops on the 10 mile run.  Not one, unless you count the one at mile 9.5 that was set up for the Oktoberfest.   This is my fear.  What if I need one?  What do you do then?  Hold it?  or be like the guy who pooped his pants?


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