October Love

The weekend went by waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to quickly, as always… and I didn’t even do anything terribly exciting.   Dang.

I got some errands done today, and lookie what we have here…

swedish fish 2

I’m about 2 handfuls away from finishing my last bag…. and guess what, they’re on sale, again.  I win.  Target loses.

For about 4.5 seconds I thought there was a 48oz bag of Swedish Fish (see that little 7 next to the bag?) and I just about peed my pants with excitement.. but it was dumdum pops. Shoot.

Derby spent the afternoon trying to eat the grease off a napkin I used earlier.

derby 6

Sometimes it’s like I have a 2 year old child living with me.   I cannot leave anything, and I mean anything (including napkins, bags, and spoons) out within reach.   And since she can get on top of the refrigerator, basically I cannot leave anything out.  Ever.


October is one of my 12 favorite months ever.  Why? 

1. Halloween.  I LOVE dressing up.  So does Derby.


Loofa and Ladybug.  What cuties. 


Ninja turtles.  Look at those posters.  Good ol days.


Dead lifeguard.  Deadguard. Get it?

2.  Handing out Halloween Candy.  I have no pictures but you should see the craziness that happens to the Fan.  Last year I handed out over 1,000 pieces of candy.  Closed the door at 6:15.  Sorry kids (and your cheap ass parents taking all the candy), we are out.

3.  Apple orchard!!!!!!!


Yes, I know it’s kind of lame… but who doesn’t like:

  • apple pie
  • apple donuts
  • apple crisp
  • homemade apple sauce
  • apples
  • apple oatmeal

Find me a person who doesn’t like something on that list and you’ll find a person without a soul.

4.  This beauty, which is limited due to the caloric nature.


5.  Keeeeeeeneland!!!  Which I’m hoping to make this year.  Who doesn’t love horse races, betting, bloody marys, and bourbon?


These girls love all of those things.  #4!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Carving pumpkins.  Can you tell which one is mine? 


7. Eating these:

reeses pumpkin


October is a pretty special  anniversary month as well… my parentals are celebrating their 31st anniversary this year!  They’re pretty cute. 



Happy October!


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One response to “October Love

  1. Kelly

    I’ll be at Keeneland the last Sat in October. Come!!!

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