What a Monday

Wow…. was it a Monday or what?

1.  My Partner in Crime was sick today.  Sad smile  It was not as fun.   I also was a bit unprepared for some stuff we were doing.  Whoops for skipping out a tiny bit early on Friday!

2.  I got to work and 20 minutes later, I was told to come “check out the rainbow mess coming from your car.”


Remember that patched tire I went in for on Saturday, but got a free oil change because someone misread my order?  Welp, that someone forgot to tighten some important screws…So I had to go back this afternoon, and spend yet another hour at the car place.  

3.  A speaker who was coming in at 1:00 today cancelled at 12:30.  Um, thanks for the heads up.  Wish we all had jobs where that was acceptable.

4.  I had to do a bunch of grades.  Worst part of my job, by far. 

5.  Oh yeah, Derby woke me up at 4:00 this morning whining for breakfast. 

derby 7

Did I mention she has an automatic feeder?   And she’s had it for over 2 years?

Okay, onto the positives of my day.

1.  It was one of my kids birthday today.  I got this. 


Yes, that’s a lick mark.  And yes, that’s a car ring.  Fashionista for sure.

2.  I had a really awesome 8 mile run this afternoon.  It was cool outside and the perfect weather to keep me running.  I didn’t get my best time ever but I’ll take 67 minutes, especially when five miles were uphill. 

3.  I got some cool stuff in the mail.  Check back tomorrow for the exciting news I was talking about last week!!!!

4.  I got some sweet compliments today.  One was that it looked like I went to Hawaii. Over the weekend.  They clearly don’t know where Hawaii is located.  I think it was because I wore a different necklace than the normal silver one I wear everyday.  Who knew accessories were so important?  Not this girl, obviously. 


Although there were some rough patches today, including almost giving away my cat to the homeless man outside, it was a pretty good Monday.  Mostly because it’s over now. 

Guess I can check that off on my www.dailyfeats.com account.

Now… I’ve got a 20 miler to look forward to on Saturday.  I need positive thoughts…starting… now.


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One response to “What a Monday

  1. Leah

    Mondays are the WORST! 20 miles? Piece of cake. You can DO it! Obvi – you are my hero.

    I do 9 on Saturday and I’m petrified. Small potatoes to you!

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