Holy cheeseballs, can you believe it???

Your most favorite blog ever (mine) is having it’s FIRST and SECOND OFFICIAL GIVEAWAY!!!!  (Can you tell I’m excited?)

Not one, but TWO lucky RunDerbyKat readers will win either:

A) Skinnie Minnie Teal Sparkle Bic Band (okay, so maybe only the girls will want this one, but you never know).

teal bic band


B) Jars of Sneaky Cinnamon and Pretzel Pizazz from Flying Squirrel Peanut Butter!!


So… Here are the rules if you want to enter the contest:

1.  You HAVE to be a follower.  I only have 29, so right now, you have a 1 in 29 chance of winning.  Duh.  Great odds.


2. You have to comment on this post and tell me that you’re a follower… because I can’t send these prizes to anonymous.

Got that?  My email inbox better be blowing up because I’m getting a zillion followers now.  And you have until Friday… when I’ll announce the winners!

PS:  And I’m pretty sure this makes me an official blogger now.



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18 responses to “Giveaways!!!!!

  1. Evie

    I’m a follower and I want the peanut butter. I better win…I’m your mom. Love Mom

  2. Grant

    I am a follower and my bananas need new PB!!!

  3. Rachel

    I am a follower. Also, probably your biggest fan (does that win me the Bic Band). I mean, it might really help me in this half marathon you have talked me into. Just saying.

  4. Kara

    I was your FIRST, that should count for something! Love you!!

  5. Leah

    YES! I’m your follower and I was on the BIC band website yesterday! I want one!!! I have to see what all the hype is all about 🙂 Oh and I need it for good luck in my FIRST HALF MARATHON ever!

  6. I’m a follower but not through blogger – I read through Google Reader. So you have more than 29. Woo hoo! Pretty sure that Bic band will make me look super cute. 😉

  7. roz skoz

    I’m a follower! Pretzel Pizzaz!

  8. Kerry

    I am the one who told you about that nice rainbow spot out in the parking lot. Does that count for something =)

  9. Sarah

    Sorry! Next time I’ll remember to log you out before using your computer. 🙂 Hugs, Sarah

  10. Sarah Fontaine

    I’m a follower who is DESPERATE for that peanut butter! TEHEEHEE! 🙂 Seriously though…..winner or not, I love your blog! Thanks for making your “inner thoughts and goings on” electronic!

  11. Michelle (your other half's running buddy)

    i’m a follower. and pb is my “if I was on a deserted island and could only take one thing…” obsession. but i’ve also been checking out bic bands and thinking of making a purchase. so you could make my day either way!
    do I win for making a rhyme?

  12. Michael

    I’m a follower – peanut butter please! But the sparkle band is to die for 🙂

  13. Maggie

    I read every one of your posts through my Google Reader. You probably have a lot more than 29 followers. Oh and I want that peanut butter you talk about so much. Thanks in advance.

  14. Adam

    I’m a leader!! No I’m not…I’m a follower. I got excited when I saw cheeseballs, and then I realized that was not the giveaway.


  15. Dru

    Hi- this Is my comment. I am a follower. Love, Dru

  16. Tucker

    follower but only on blogs =) Tucker

  17. Tim

    I’m a follower. Love peanut butter and my odds. Added plus if I win and Tucker doesn’t 🙂 Tim

  18. Okay – I’m pretty sure I am your most recent follower – but I will make you a deal – If you send me the peanut butter – I will send you a jar of my favorite as well.The Heat Is On by Peanut Butter & Co.

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