Tuesday Schmooseday

**Warning:  There are 4 sentences about running/ working out in this post.  Do not read on if you think you’re getting any fitness tips.**


I wish something awesome happened every Tuesday.

Today was just another day in the life of a 3rd grade teacher.  Bullying, tantrums, and judgment… “Why do you eat the same thing every day Miss B?”  “That’s not pink, that’s red.”  “But you said…”

And it goes on.  But I love them.  They’re pretty funny little kids.  And I love their little hugs, because sometimes, you just need a hug.

This afternoon, during my ‘break’ (kids were singing their hearts out at music), I tried to have my afternoon snack.  Tried is the key word.

My already peeled hard boiled egg slipped out of the bag and onto the floor. Those are dirt specs.  Clearly the floor is cleaned.  Often.



Today’s win was in the form of a five mile run and a 30 minute bike ride.  Although, I ingested at least 30 gnats on my mile run to the gym (protein comes in many forms, remember), and literally dusted my shirt off (the dead bugs) when I got to the gym.  It was pretty gross.  Hot, if you like that sort of thing… but gross.

I also had dinner at this cute “new” but really “we’ve been open a year” place near my house- Fresca on Addison– with my Judy (aka best friend, no longer allowed to be referred to as bestie because “it’s annoying”).

It’s mostly vegan, which I’m not, and if not vegan, it’s vegetarian, which I’m also not.  But we split the cobb salad and the kale pizza (weird, right), and they were both delicious.  I didn’t any pictures because I was too hungry, but this is what our food looked like.

         Fresca Cobb   Greek Salad Pizza

It was delicious, it’s good for me, and the perfect way to start the day. – Michael Scott

On the way home we made a new friend.




Sorry today’s blog post was super lame.  Please still follow me.  I promise it will get better.

PS:  Don’t forget to enter my giveaway!!!!!   You have to comment for it to count!



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