Three (Random) Things Thursday 3

1.  Richmonders, your future is here. 

real world

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to Hooters next Wednesday to show your face.  Of course they’d pic Hooters.
  2. Make sure you’re at least 20… and that you don’t look older than 24.  With those qualifications, this girl could totally be on the show.
  3. Act really loud, crazy, and bitchy… which is what MTV producers call “assertive.”

Good luck.

2.  I read on this website that Slade Smiley (the one and only from Real Housewives of the OC) is now doing stand up comedy to make money.

slade smiley

Yeah… not wasting my money on that.  Sorry, Slade.

3.  This lady just won millions of dollars… because of a mistake.

lotto winer


Apparently the clerk thought she said “Powerball” instead of “Mega Millions” (don’t ask me how you mix those up, they do not sound alike at all)… and this lucky little error gave Kathy 25 million. 

How can I get a mistake like that to happen to me?


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