…except that means tomorrow I have to run 20 miles.  I seriously am so nervous. 

Who wants to make me breakfast after??? I’d like an egg sammy and a margherita pizza.  Is that too much to ask?

Today was a great Friday, but let’s be honest, almost all Fridays are great.  The day started off with me actually “sleeping in” until 6:30, and then leading a girls fitness club before school with my partner in crime.  18 girls came, which is huge…. although it was our first meeting of the school year.  It was really fun getting the girls to exercise, and I’m hoping that we can start to instill some healthy lifestyle changes for these girls. 

So, yes, that was my good deed for the day slash week.

Loooooooooooookie what came in the mail today!!!!


You have NO idea how much I want to open one of these puppies right now.  Would it be bad just to have one tiiiiiiiiiiiiiny little glass? Or a regular glass??  I mean, if I go to bed early and drink water, it should be fine, right?

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay here’s what everyone’s been waiting for!!!

Here are the winners of the 2 giveaways!!!

(I used to get a random number… then counted to find that response… I promise, I did it honestly Smile  Also, I deleted Evester’s second comment… because that would be unfair.)

And can I just say, the odds for this stuff is seriously so good.  Only 18 people commented.  Either I am that big of a loser or… I don’t know.  I thought maybe all 32 of my official followers might enter…. whatev.

Winner of the BicBand is…………….


Someone I don’t actually know in real life- holy moly, odds were against that, but (whose blog you all need to follow too because she is hilarious)!

Annnnnnnnnnnd winner of the PB is……………………


Sarah Fontaine!!!  I don’t know where you live but I’m assuming I’ll have to ship it to you, sooooooooooo I’ll email you both so I can get your shipping info!

Thanks to everyone who entered… and, I’ll probably do another one soon…. so keep following me!  Especially if you REALLY like Swedish Fish.  REALLY like them.

It would also be wonderful if you could pray for me tonight/ tomorrow morning as I do my first 20 mile run ever.  Which sounds scary.  Very scary.



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6 responses to “TGIF…

  1. Shoop

    I think I should get a bottle of wine as a runner up prize. I mean…I offered you something in return. Do it or I will quit your blog forever! Kidding. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Michelle (your other half's running buddy)

    Your first 20 is scary but you’ve trained and you’ll do fine. Just remember to slow your pace (it’s a training run, not a race) and stay hydrated/nourished. this is a pretest for race day. time to figure out what works/doesn’t work and practice your mantras. When the going gets tough and my mind tells me to stop, I tell myself a few little things like “you’re strong, keep going” and “run easy, relax shoulders, head up” to keep myself going.
    then reward yourself with a HUGE cup of that xmas blend as you sit in an ice bath. here’s the recipe:
    – socks, warm shirt, swimsuit bottoms… trust me more is better!
    – about 20lbs of ice.
    – tub of cool water
    – MASSIVE amounts of coffee
    – trash magazines
    – you

    fill your tub so water covers your legs. get in, grit your teeth and dump in the ice. resist the urge to jump out. squeal a lot and shout words that shouldn’t be heard from pretty ladies like you. every few minutes wiggle your legs a bit (your body warms the water around you so you need to get the cool water back on you). stay in at least 10 minutes or until the ice melts.

    it’s not fun but trust me, it will speed your recovery significantly. the cold helps the muscles start to repair faster and breaks up the lactic acid you’ve built up from the run. you’ll be less sore/stiff tomorrow.
    lastly, get on some pjs and hit the couch! congrats on your run. let me know how it goes. :o)

    • Thanks for all the support Michelle! The run didn’t go as planned.. and my stomach is a huge B.
      I’m really trying to figure out what to eat so I don’t get sick, but I can’t seem to find something that works everytime. I didn’t even eat a gel during the run (to be honest, i wasn’t even hungry, and i still felt energized)… I tried to go back out after my ‘break’ but it wasn’t happening.

      I do really like ice baths and as much as they kind of suck, they definitely help my muscles. Let me know if you have any other eating advice, or if you know anyone who takes anything (like immodium or pepto) befor ea long run!


  3. OMG. I never win anything! Yay!!!!

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