Just like the title of the post says… today’s run was a Fail.  With a capital F.

I was actually really excited today for some reason… it may have been my new Zensah compression leg sleeves… but… at 6 am I was happy.  See?

20 mile fail

It was nice out this morning and around 50 degrees when I started a little after 6.  The run started off well… I was pretty comfortable until I got to mile 10.  I just kept thinking, “Welp. You’re halfway there. Go you.”

Miles 12-14 were MIZ.  I don’t know what is is about those miles, but I seriously struggled to get through them.  I stopped and stretched a little bit because I started feeling tight, and then all the marathon training team groups started running circles around me, so of course I felt awkward, slow, fat, gross, etc., and I wanted to get away from them as fast as possible. 

I am so intimidated by runners in packs. 

capitol start

But, by the time I hit mile 15, I was feeling pretty positive, I was ahead of schedule on time, and I only had five miles left… which sounded wonderful.

Unfortunately, at about 17, my worst nightmare almost happened.  This may be a little TMI, but I’ve had stomach issues for as long as I can remember.  I’ve been to doctors out the wazoo, and basically, diagnosis is IBS plus some unknowns.  Gross, I know.  Sorry. 

So, at 17 I sprinted home as fast as possible (which was not ‘fast’ by any means) because I didn’t want to be like that guy.  You know the guy… he lost all of his pride while getting a PR.

Today’s run was not 20 miles.  I am sad to say that. 

Today’s run was 17.5ish.  Not too shabby, but not what I was going for.

capitol 10

I have a question for long distance runners— how can I prevent this from happening again??  I have another 20 mile run in 2 weeks, so I just need some direction on what I can do or how long I need to eat bland food.  I have had almost no fiber the last couple of days and besides the cheese plate that was disguised as pasta ala rudd, I really have been trying so hard to not eat anything exciting.

So, help.

After I got home I took a nice f-ing cold ice bath… stayed in for 9 minutes.  It was cold.  I made weird noises the entire time and tried to think of happy things, like puppies and kitties.


So cute.  For real.  If that doesn’t put a smile on your face then I don’t know what will.

Instead of feeling bad about myself (which I did for the last hour and a half), I’m going to be proud of the fact that I did complete 17.5 miles and lived to tell it.  And, I guess that just means that I have to do way better next time I have a 20 mile run.

Oh- and on the upside, Garmin was on her best behavior today.  No random beeping, switching to sunset time, or bitching at me for going slow. Thanks Garmin, for pulling through.



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6 responses to “Fail.

  1. michelle (your PIC's running pal)

    ok darling, first things first. stop feeling sorry for yourself and put your pouty face away. next, go stand in front of a mirror and say “damn girl, you just ran 17 miles!” then do a little happy dance. lastly go get a marker and write these words “you are strong.” tape to a mirror.
    not one person on earth would consider 17+ miles a fail. just take a peek at all the judy moo-moos out there and you’ll soon realize that a single mile is an accomplishment. 17 is an extraordinary feat! so your run today didn’t go like you’d hoped. big deal. one of my fave running friends has a saying, “live to run another day.” you didn’t get the full 20 in today but you will live to run again. and the more important thing is figuring out what to do differently next time. time to analyze. think about the good runs and compare. what did you do the same? what did you do differently? not just on the run but on the morning of and days before. look for a pattern in your good runs. it might be food, rest, workouts prior to that affect your run. identifying what you did on those good runs that you didn’t do this week will give you some insight. or maybe its what you did this week that you haven’t done in prior weeks. nutrition is usually the culprit. and hydration.
    happy to give you a hand and make suggestions. just shoot me an email. sarah’s got the address. maybe we could all do coffee together and talk about how training is going. trust me, one bad 20 miler DOES NOT mean you will fail at the marathon. you’ll do great on race day!
    oh and those MTT people, they’re as scared/excited/intimidated as you. we’re all running geeks too!

  2. Kara

    17.5??? CONGRATULATIONS!! How many miles are you planning on training to?

  3. I have had the same tummy problems as you FOREVER. It took me a year to figure out what I needed to do to help it. Now, I know everyone is different. But, I found that I have to eat what I normally eat the day before. No carb loading or eating big greasy burgers that I wouldn’t normally chow on. So, a grilled chicken salad would be something normal for me. Then I can’t have ANY sugar before or during my run. Not even natural sugar like in those Honey Stinger. So, I have plain oatmeal for breakfast. No gatorade during the run, but I can do Powerade Zero. I eat pretzels during those super long runs or peanut butter and sugar free jelly sandwiches. (Usually just 1 tbspn of PB and bread with 1g of sugar per serving.)
    Might not work for you because we are all different, but take a look at what you eat during your run and see if it could be that.
    Also, I’m impressed you were able to run home and make it to the bathroom. I’ve pooped in my lawns that I can tell you.

  4. That would be “more” lawns. I definitely don’t poop in “my” lawns. Also, I do not have multiple lawns. But that would be awesome.

  5. Sarah

    I too am my worst critic but I can tell u that what u did today kicked ass so keep it up and don’t beat yourself up!!!!! Stick w happy dancing fo sho!

  6. Kelly

    Kitty-I’ve had the best luck with not drinking the night before, not drinking coffee at all before runs and downing a giant G2 with plain oatmeal about 1-2 hrs before running. Also probiotics every day.

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