To my amazing friend, Robin, for completing her first marathon in Chicago today!!


(That’s her dog, Norman.)  You are awesome, Rob!  Love you and am so proud of you!!!

While Robin was running 26.2 miles,  I was celebrating the fact that my hangover finally left my body by going to the Carytown Wine Festival

carytown wine fest

There were SO many Judies there… I tried to sneak pictures on the sly, but they didn’t turn out.  But you can imagine how many people crawl out from under their porches for events like this. 


Plus, it was 80 degrees out, so it was perfect sipping wine weather… although, the lines were a bit longer than I’d have liked, and because of this, I didn’t get my $20 ticket worth of wine.  I’m impatient.

My legs today feel pretty good, considering.  I walked a lot this afternoon, so I’m calling that my “workout”.  I may be making today my “off day” for the week… which is sad because then I don’t have a break to look forward to.  Shooooooot.

Yesterday afternoon was also totally beautiful, so instead of watching TV inside like losers, we brought the TV outside to watch football and sip on some beers.  While flipping through channels, I found this little surprise.

keeneland tv

Keeneland on TV!!!!!  Yes!!!!  The picture quality is terrible- blame the Droid and sunshine- but it was a  beautiful day in Lexington… and of course, I started to crave bloody marys.  They have the absolute best spicy bloodys at Keeneland.  Serious.  Best. Ever.

Overall, besides the failure on my run yesterday morning, which I’m really trying hard to let go of now, the weekend was good… and it went by too fast as always. 

Does anybody actually get off for Columbus Day tomorrow??  If so… you suck.  Obviously, I do not.


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  1. So much fun with you today! Sucks the lines were so long but still beautiful day for sipping vino!

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