Monday, Monday

Thank goodness it’s done.

Me too, little one, me too.

I seriously could not wake up today… and shockingly, I could have slept another 8 hours if time allowed.  I chugged coffee and that didn’t help, so I did something I never, ever, hardly ever do.  Got a Coke Zero at 10am.  Sugar high until lunch, then crash and burn this afternoon.

Needless to say… getting off the couch to go run was difficult. 

Once I started, though, it was glorrrrrrrrrrrrious.  I did 8 miles instead of my planned 5, and felt great the entire run.  Weird, huh?  It was a somewhat slow pace (for me, at least), and I finished in a little less than 72 minutes.  WHY AM I GETTING SLOWER??????   WTF??????   Great news though- the tum was on her best behavior today.  No freak accidents or near freak accidents. 

It’s sad when you think, “What’s up, no pooping my pants today.  Win.”

Hahaha.  Seriously.  She seems a little too happy about this.

Anyway.  Sorry that the picture just keeps going. 

Scroll down.

Also, just to be heartfelt and ‘real’ for a minute..

I want to say thank you to everyone for their words of support and motivation.  I’ve gotten many emails and kind words and advice from everyone in the last couple of days…. and I just want to say thanks.

I know I’m my own worst critic/ enemy/ everything else bad you can be to yourself, but I was feeling really frustrated with myself Saturday to not finish the 20 and I’m so lucky to have people (some I don’t even know!) support me so much in this huge adventure. 

I might try and do the 20 again this weekend to see if I make it… right now it’s completely a mental thing (I know my little leggies can do it if I force them and bribe them with a milkshake and pizza) and it really helps to know I’ve got a lot of support…and I’m definitely taking any and all advice. 

So, thanks Smile You all are awesome!!


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